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October 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Student Testimonials about the ANTHROPOLOGY Program at WLU!

Crystal Braye: Museum Ethnographer

Through the anthropology program at Wilfrid Laurier University I was introduced to a variety of perspectives for exploring cultural practices and traditions. The strong theoretical background I developed and exposure to enthnographic writing gave me a foundation for success in my continued education. After moving on to complete my Master of Arts in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland, I am now an ethnographer for The Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and LabradorĒ Web site of the Museum:


Devon Bennett: Teacherís College 

Studying Anthropology has been one of the most rewarding experiences. My studies in Anthropology brought with it beneficial small class sizes leading to a close knit-group of classmates who I am happy to call my friends, a range of interesting course material and taught me a wide variety of transferable skills that I will be able to utilize in whatever profession the future holds for me. If given the opportunity, I would most definitely recommend Anthropology to any incoming students at Laurier as the program gives you a radically new perspective on how people make sense of life and the world at large. Anthropology at Laurier provides students with insight into specific cultural and social groups and opens students mind in ways that other studies simply cannot do. I can proudly say that my eyes have been widened and my mind opened by the engaging material presented by my professors- the lessons of diversity will travel with me into my new journey in the years to come.

Lee Chandler: Completing  M.A. in Public Service Degree (University of Waterloo)

I enjoyed my studies at WLU for the personable professors and small classes; it made the material much more engaging and rewarding. Anthropology offered a well-rounded education that helped me prepare for work in a wide variety of fields; itís very broadness is one of its greatest strengths and makes it widely applicable.  The anthropology department was very tight knit and personable, I still speak with my former professors and classmates. I am currently working on receiving my Master of Public Service degree, the professors and the Anthropology courses made me well prepared for the challenges of what was next. Studying Anthropology helped me broaden my perspective and challenged me to look at issues and debates in new ways.  This has been invaluable in helping me in my current field.  My problem solving and research analysis skills have been greatly enhanced by the curriculum offered with Laurier's Anthropology program.


Anthropology is one of the best programs at Laurier, and I have been through quite a few departments. The faculty are involved and so excited about their work. The courses are exciting and so interesting and the life skills I will take away will prepare me for success. I never thought a class on writing cultures would show me how diverse cultures and lives could be.

Christine MacGregor:  pursuing an M.A. in anthropology at the University of Amsterdam

Over the past 4 years I have studied as an Anthropology major at Wilfrid Laurier University and this experience has allowed me to tap into a passion of mine I did not know existed. I had a basic understand of Anthropology upon entering university, but after taking my first class, I feel in love with the disciple. Next September I am attending the University of Amsterdam where I am pursuing a Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology to continue learning about this amazing field.


Joshua Peters: Sales Representative; Marketing Consultant

The Anthropology department has contributed not only to my academic development with a broad range of courses and spectacular faculty, but it has provided me with useful degree in navigating the working world. From my background in anthropology alongside directed studies, and prior work experience, I have been able to acquire jobs in a wide range of fields in sales and  marketing consulting (for Ovidgames). Were it not for my degree in anthropology and the phenomenal teaching staff within it, I would not have been granted the opportunities in the working world that I have.