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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
August 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Learning Outcome

Students graduating with a Bachelorís Degree in Film Studies are ideally able to:

1. Display a broad knowledge of the overall discipline of Film Studies. The Film Studies Program has been designed specifically to provide students with essential knowledge of the field through the required courses in film history, film theory, and national cinemas, but also the freedom to explore their own interests though the elective topics courses.

2. Demonstrate the ability to conduct appropriate research, using scholarly search tools, archives and databases, and to effectively evaluate and use sources in various media (print, electronic, audiovisual, etc.).

3. Communicate knowledge orally to a variety of audiences, including both instructors and peers.

4. Be able to work with others in a group setting, coupled with the ability to work independently, without supervision.

5. Articulate the complexities of film and contemporary media culture to others within and outside of academic communities.

6. Utilize library and online resources to identify and critically assess relevant primary and secondary sources in answering research questions.

7. Identify, distinguish, and critically evaluate complex arguments, the assumptions behind them, and their theoretical and ideological elements.

8. Produce and express coherent and persuasive written arguments, with attention to academic integrity and a respect for diverse perspectives and disparate ideas.

9. Demonstrate an empathetic and critical understanding of past and contemporary cultures.

10. Engage in a collective critical dialogue around issues in film in Canada and globally, and be able to apply resulting knowledge to everyday life.

11. Recognize the relevance of these skills to personal growth, to interdisciplinary thinking, and to successful careers after university.

12. Pursue careers in such areas (or industries) as creative media production and post production, teaching, outreach, events organization, festival programming, or continue in graduate studies in film and media studies, communications, and cultural studies.