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August 31, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I take as a first-year Film major?

If you are in the Honours BA program, take two of our 100-level courses: FS101, FS102, or FS103.  If you are in the Combined Honours BA program, take at least one of our 100-level courses.

How do I become a Film Studies major?

If you are considering switching into the Film Studies Program, you should discuss your options with the Undergraduate Officer of the Department. In March and April each year, students can change their major online.

How do I switch from Honours to General or General to Honours?

If you are considering switching into Honours, you should (a) discuss this change with the Department's Undergraduate Officer and (b) keep in mind that you must have the appropriate Grade Point Average to proceed in the Honours Program. Consult the worksheets under Undergraduate Programs on this website.

How do I switch into Film Studies if I'm already in Year 2?

See number 3 above. Keep in mind, however, that the longer you wait to change your mind about taking an Honours program, the less likely it is that you will be able to complete requirements in four years.

What about a make-up year in Film Studies?

If you graduate with a General degree in Film Studies (alongside another General or Honours major), and you wish to explore a "make-up year" in Film Studies, you should discuss the possibilities with the Film Studies Undergraduate Officer.

Can I take film/video production courses?

Yes! As of 2015, students can take courses to complete an Option in Film Production, which is designed for students who seek to combine a foundational knowledge of Film Studies with a practical understanding of the techniques of video and film production, from script to screen. Please consult the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for more specific titles. While these courses are not restricted to FS majors, program majors are granted priority registration in them.

How soon should I register for Winter term courses?

You must choose your full complement of Fall and Winter courses at the same time. Online course selection starts in June. Consult our Handbook for registration dates and procedures.

What is the Department's policy on registering for courses

All course adding and dropping is done online. Consult the University Undergraduate Calendar for add/drop deadlines.

How do I Register for next year's courses?

Information sessions will be held to prepare students for course selections and provide information about program and graduation requirements. Information will be provided which will explain the Registration process.

Whom should I see about general academic advice?

See the Administrative Assistant in the Department Office (3-120 Woods).

Whom should I talk to about graduate studies?

You should consult with the Film Studies Undergraduate Officer.