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August 16, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Research Grant Hiring

1. How to Hire Student Employees

2. Research Assistant Stipends And Calculation of Benefits:

(a) NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR no longer specify maximum or minimum stipends for the grant funding of students.  The Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide no longer stipulates the value of stipends that can be paid from grants.

In past years, rates have varied. These are our suggested rates: (Note: An additional 14% of stipend amounts must be budgeted  to cover mandatory taxes and benefits.)

  • $12,000-$17,000/year (full time master's student)
  • $17,000-$19,000/year (PhD student)
  • $32,000 minimum (postdoctoral fellow)

(b)  Recommended Hourly Rates for Student Research Assistants.

 Undergraduate Students  $16-18 per hour
 Master's Students  $18-20 per hour
 Doctoral Students  $20-25 per hour
In addition to the above hourly rate, an additional 14% must be budgeted to cover mandatory taxes and benefits (Canada Pension, Unemployment Insurance, Vacation Pay). Charges are calculated by Payroll and deducted from your account automatically.