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December 5, 2016
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Eligibility Guidelines

(a) Faculty/librarians with Limited Term appointments must have completed all requirements for the PhD degree, or equivalent degree, before they are eligible to apply for research funds. Faculty with Limited Term appointments are only eligible to apply for the Travel Grants program, but travel must occur prior to their term end date.

Faculty/librarians with a Two Year Limited Term contract are eligible to apply for the Travel Grants programs in the October and March competitions during their first contractual year, and for the October competition in the second contractual year. These faculty are only eligible to hold an award from the March competition in their second year if their appointment is converted to either a second Limited Term appointment or to a Probationary or Candidacy appointment for the third year. For faculty with a January to December contract rather than the more usual July to June contract, eligibility regulations apply to the March and October competitions in the first year, and the March (only) competition in the second contractual year.

Faculty/librarians on a One Year Limited Term (July - June) contract may apply for grants in the October competition (or the March competition if on a January - December contract), but if funds are limited (e.g. more $ requests than $ available), those on a One Year Limited Term contract may receive lower priority in the awarding of grants.

(b) Visiting Professors are not eligible to apply for funds from the Laurier Internal Grant programs. Normally, any provision of research or travel funds for Visiting Professors should be made at the time of appointment, and such funds, if allocated, should be awarded from the Academic Development Fund, or from the home Department, Faculty or School.

(c) Co-investigator status in the same grant category may be accorded to an individual already holding that type of grant, if s/he is not the Principal Investigator on the second project.

(d) Faculty who have held an external grant or contract from a granting council or agency, and who have not submitted productivity, final or progress reports, or a final accounting for the funds, by due dates, are not eligible to apply for any internal grants program until the external agency confirms with the VP Research that all conditions of the grant or contract have been satisfied.

The Grants Committee will review all applications on merit and the ability of the applicant. If the number of meritorious applications remaining exceeds the funds available, priority for funding will be given to junior scholars. Junior scholars are defined as those who have earned a terminal degree in their field within the previous five years and who will hold a continuing appointment (Probationary or Candidacy) in the term following the award of a grant.

Updated: September 2014