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May 27, 2017
Canadian Excellence

University Research Professor Recipients

The position of University Research Professor was created to:
1. recognize and reward a continuous record of outstanding scholarship or creativity by a full-time member of the Laurier faculty
2. enable an accomplished scholar or composer to complete a major program or piece of research
3. emphasize the importance of research at Laurier and to highlight and promote the achievements of our outstanding scholars.

University Research Professor recipients

1988   Ken Hewitt, Geography
1989   Baldev Raj, Economics
1990   Marc Kilgour, Mathematics
1991   Terry Copp, History
1992   Russell Rodrigo, Chemistry
1993   Hamid Noori, Business
1994   Barry Gough, History
1995   James Blackburn, Physics and Computer Science
1997   Ronald Grimes, Religion and Culture
1998   Glenn Buhr, Music
1999   Mathias Guenther, Sociology and Anthropology
2000   Pierre Siklos, Economics
2001   Michael Pratt, Psychology
2002   Barry Boots, Geography and Environmental Studies
2003   Linda Parker, Psychology
2004   Geoffrey Nelson, Psychology
2005   Marek Wartak, Physics and Computer Science
2006   Peter Hatch, Music
2007   Philip Servos, Psychology
2008   Eileen Wood, Psychology  
2009   Thomas Hueglin, Political Science
2010   Not awarded
2011   Lucy Lee, Biology
2012   Dmitri Goussev, Chemistry
2013   Juanne Clarke, Sociology

2014   Kaiming Zhao, Mathematics

2015 Eleanor Ty, English and Film Studies

2016 Nicole Coviello, Marketing