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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence



  • Educate and advise faculty and research personnel on all matters related to creation, protection and commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) via patents, trade-marks, and copyrights

  • Assist faculty with protection of Intellectual Property created as part of their research activities

  • Market inventions to companies with the goal of licensing

  • Advise and assist faculty and research personnel regarding start-up company creation

  • Assist faculty with fund raising to support commercialization of their inventions

  • Collection of royalties and distribution among inventors


Contact one of our University-Industry Liaison Officers and request a personal meeting

Oleg Stukalov
University-Industry Liaison Officer
519-884-00710 extension 3138

  • Researcher fills out the Invention Disclosure Form Part One and Part Two

  • One of our UILOs will conduct a basic patent search as well as market research to determine the likelihood of commercial success of the invention

  • Faculty member will be provided with a formal report and advised about the university's commitment to support the project

  • In case the university decides to support the project, commercialization agreement between faculty/researchers and university will be established

  • Laurier's University-Industry Liaison Officers will assist with:
    • Applications for commercialization grants
    • Marketing of the invention
    • Execution of legal licensing agreements


For grant opportunities, please visit:

Commercialization Grants