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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
October 28, 2016
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Psychology Research with Local Schools

Doreen Weise (x2991, co-ordinates the ethics review process with the Waterloo Regional District School Board (WRDSB) for all Laurier psychology projects involving students, teachers, staff or  schools within Waterloo Region.

Doreen will assist with non-psychology applications requiring WRDSB approval if contacted by the applicant at the time of their submission to the Laurier REB to discuss this process.

If you have a an REB application requiring approval from the WRDSB you must submit a copy of your REB approved application along with a completed WRDSB application to Doreen, who will present your psychology research  proposal to the WRDSB Research Review Committee at their quarterly meetings. The application can be found on the WRDSB website:

Please note that the WRDSB Research Committee will not accept late applications.

WRDSB Research Review Deadlines, 2016-2017

WLU Ethics Application

Submission Deadlines

(to Doreen Weise)

WRDSB Application Submission


(to school board)

 WRDSB Research Committee Meeting Dates

August 17

September 9 

September 23

November 2

November 25

December 9

January 4

January 27

February 10

April 5

April 28 

May 12

Subsequent to WRDSB Research Review Committee approval, the project must be approved by the principals of each of the schools involved. This may take a month or more.

The Committee considers four key questions in reviewing each application:

1. Are there any potential risks to students or staff in the research methodology?

2. What are the demands placed on staff?

3. What disruption might there be to normal school programming and student learning?

4. Is the application of educational merit?

The WRDSB has become more selective in approving research projects. They are placing a priority on applied research and projects that can be conducted within a single school. Very large projects and those involving sensitive topics are less likely to be approved. 

PLEASE NOTE: The WRDSB requires a copy of each researcher's vulnerable sector police check with new and extended/revised research applications. These checks are only valid for 6 months. Copies of police checks MUST be submitted to Doreen Weise by the application deadline listed above. To avoid delays, it is recommended that you apply for your police check when you first submit your ethics application to Doreen Weise (or the REB) for review. If you do not receive your completed police check by the research review deadline listed above, you may include a copy of your payment receipt; however, the committee will need to see a copy of the completed police check before you are given permission to contact schools.

Click here for WRDSB Research Application Guidelines