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December 4, 2016
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Christine Neill


email: Christine Neill
phone: 519.884.0710
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CV also available in PDF format (below).

Research Interests

Public economics, labour economics, economics of education, political economy

PhD, Economics, University of Toronto
     Higher Education Policy, Education Outcomes and Credit Constraints
MA, Economics, University of Toronto
P.G. Dip. International Law, Australian National University
B.Econ. (Hons I), University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarly work

Peer reviewed journal articles

Can Infrastructure Spending Reduce Local Unemployment? Evidence from an Australian Roads Program. With Andrew Leigh (Australian National University). Economics Letters. 113(2): 150-153 (November 2011)

Do Gun Buybacks Save Lives? Evidence from Panel Data. With Andrew Leigh (Australian National University). American Law and Economics Review, 12(2): 462-508 (November 2010)

Tuition Fees and the Demand for University Places. Economics of Education Review, 28(5): 561-570. (October 2009)

Do Gun Buy-backs Save Lives? Evidence from Time Series Data. with Andrew Leigh (Australian National University). Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 20(2): 145-162. (November 2008)

Book chapters

Natural Resource Shocks, Labour Market Conditions, and Post-Secondary Enrolment Rates. With Michal Burdzy (Insurance Board of Canada), in Finnie, R., R. Mueller, M. Frenette and A. Sweetman (eds) (2010), Pursuing Higher Education in Canada: Economic, Social and Policy Dimensions, Queen’s University School of Policy Studies: Kingston.

Remain, Retrain or Retire: Options for older workers following job loss. With Tammy Schirle (WLU), in Abbott, Michael G., Charles M. Beach, Robin W. Boadway and James G. MacKinnon (eds) (2009) Retirement Policy Issues in Canada. Proceedings of the John Deutsche Institute Conference on Retirement Issues. John Deutsche Institute/Queens University Press: Kingston

Policy papers

The Generosity of Student Financial Aid Programs in Canada and their University Enrolment Effects. With Costa Kapsalis. Report prepared for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (April 2010).

PSE Switchers and Stickers: an analysis using the Youth in Transition Survey. With Jean Eid (WLU). Report prepared for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (April 2008).

Can we say whether the Canada Millennium Scholarship bursaries have affected post-secondary enrolments? Paper prepared for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (March 2007)

Canada’s Tuition and Education Tax Credits. Millennium Research Paper No. 30. Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation: Montreal. (May 2007)

Working Papers

Working to pay for school – the effect of tuition fees on students’ paid work. (Under revision.)

The effect of student loan limits on educational outcomes. CLSRN Working Paper. September, 2007

Tax expenditures vs budgetary expenditures for Canadian post-secondary education with Azim Essaji (WLU) – LCERPA Working Paper [Neill lead author]

Learning and full day kindergarten; with Jean Eid (WLU) and Phil Leonard (McMaster University)

Inter-Universities Forum, April 2010: Labour market conditions and forecasts for students and graduates

Tax Expenditures and Public Policy in Comparative Perspective, September 2009: “Tax expenditures vs budgetary expenditures for Canadian post-secondary education” (Invited presentation)

Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meetings, September 2008: Do Gun Buybacks Save Lives? Evidence from Panel Data

American Educ

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