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October 21, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

Add/Drop Courses

For the most part, once the term has begun, all adding and dropping of courses is done electronically by the student on LORIS.
If the course is full, if it is past the add date, or for other exceptions to the rules established by each department,  the undergraduate program advisor will make the decision as to whether or not the student can be added to the course.
Courses dropped after each term's set deadline will be subjected to academic and financial penalities. 

Transferring Campuses

Laurier Brantford is an integral part of Wilfrid Laurier University. Its programs and operations are tied to those at Laurier's Waterloo campus. Students registered at Brantford can take courses on the Waterloo campus, and students registered at Waterloo can take courses at Brantford with permission from the appropriate program.

Normally, students may transfer between Laurier's campuses if they are in good standing, have successfully completed at least 4.0 credits and meet the entry standards of the degree program into which they wish to transfer. Students intending to transfer should obtain academic counselling from the campus, faculty or school into which they intend to transfer.

The Internal Campus Transfer form is available at the Office of the Registrar.

Course Prerequisites

Normally students are not allowed to register in a course without the appropriate prerequisite course.  Students who wish to take a course without the appropriate prerequisite course, are strongly encouraged to contact the department who is responsible for delivering the course.
These departmental links will take you to the department homepage and also provide specific details of the process for each department.


Deferred Examination Policy

For more information about deferring an exam, please click here

Degree Requirements

The Registrar's Office is the best source for complete information on your degree or progression requirements.
If you require clarification of your degree requirements, please see the undergraduate program advisor in your department.

Full Courses: what to do when a course you want is full

As a general rule, when a course is full a student must select another course.  However, there are exceptions to that rule, determined by department and/or instructor.  Students who are interested in adding a course that is listed as 'full' are advised to follow the following procedures.

Prior to and including the FIRST WEEK of classes:
Science students are encouraged to speak with the department if a course/lab that is required is full.
All other students must check LORIS frequently for the possiblity of an opening.

SECOND WEEK of classes and including the last day to add a course:
Contact the department that is responsible for delivering the course.  The program advisors will provide information about the process and the policy with respect to courses that are full.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Make sure you understand how to calculate your GPA right from first year and on through your years at Laurier.  If you find yourself in difficulty, Centre for Student Success is designed to help you improve your academic performance.  In addition your undergraduate program advisor is available to meet with you to discuss your issues.

The GPA calculator is for personal and informational purposes only. The calculations are unofficial. Your official GPA and academic record is available on LORIS.


If you want an advisor to look over your graduation requirements for a specific program you are to meet with the undergraduate program advisor for that department.

If you are doing a General BA/BSc with no designation, see the faculty advisor.

Once that has been done, follow the instructions from the Registrar's Office on applying to graduate.

You may find the Step by Step Guide to Graduation helpful for following the proper procedure.

Letter of Permission (LOP)

Students registered at Laurier may take courses at another recognized university, provided a Letter of Permission has been obtained from the Office of the Registrar at Wilfrid Laurier University at least two weeks prior to registration in such courses. A Letter of Permission request will be assessed a non-refundable fee. This does not apply to any courses at the University of Waterloo - use the cross-registration form available in the Office of the Registrar or on-line.

A Letter of Permission will be issued only to a regular student, working toward a degree or diploma program, who has successfully completed a minimum of 3.0 credits at Wilfrid Laurier University, has obtained a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.00, and is not on academic probation in a general degree program. A Letter of Permission will not be issued for courses that are less than six weeks in length. Credit will not be granted for any courses taken on a Challenge for Credit basis.

A student who does not register for the course(s) specified in the Letter of Permission, must notify the Office of the Registrar at Wilfrid Laurier University, in writing, before the start of the session indicated in the letter. It is the student's responsibility to have an official transcript of final grades sent to the Office of the Registrar of Wilfrid Laurier University. If the official transcript is not received within one month after completion of the course, a grade of "F'' will be assigned to each course.

The letter grade attained in the course taken on a Letter of Permission will be included in the cumulative GPA as per the scale given in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. For specific applications concerning the grading system refer to the current University Academic Calendar.

Prospective graduates should note that when the final course of a program is taken on a Letter of Permission in winter term, graduation will not be sooner than fall convocation. An official transcript must be received by the Office of the Registrar no later than May 1 for spring convocation and October 1 for fall convocation.

Letter of Permission Request Form

E-mail inquiries: Faculty of Music, School of Business and Economics, Faculty of Science  Faculty of Arts, Seminary  Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, BBTM

LORIS: How to Register

LORIS is used to register for all courses in all terms, including distance education courses and for adding and dropping of all courses through out the term.

Loris step-by-step training video

Management Option

The Management Option is normally a direct-entry program for students with an incoming average of 85% or above; the option is meant to be combined with a major from the Faculties of Arts, Science, Music or the department of Economics.

Current Laurier students who are eligible, may apply for the option using the online Program Selection Form available through the Office of the Enrolment Services.

Students who have entered through direct-entry must have a minimum GPA of 6.0 in BU111 and BU127 to progress to senior BU courses [200-, 300- and 400-level]

For continuing students to be eligible to declare the option, a student must have a minimum GPA of 6.0 in BU111 and BU127. A student must also successfully complete a recognized statistics course from their program of study or BU205/EC205 from the Department of Business prior to admission.

Entry to the program is competitive and students would typically apply at the end of Year 2.

Only students in an honours degree will be considered for admission.

Full program information

Program advising:
Bethany Ankucza, ext. 2060,
Anne Ellis, ext. 2572,

Minor: Requirements

A minor is a secondary area of concentration in an honours program requiring a sequence of at least 3.0 credits or equivalent in one subject as specified in the program description. 

A minor designation will appear on your final transcript but not on your degree.  You do not select a minor until you apply to graduate.  The Registrar's Office will then access your credits and award you a minor in a specific subject if you have met the program requirements.

Please see the university calendar or the departmental webpage for the complete information.


Any student may appeal to the appropriate faculty petitions committee any decision taken by an individual or body acting in the name of the university, which affects the academic standing of the student, and which the student believes was taken unfairly.   Students should become familiar with the University's policies and procedures on academic petitions as stated in the university calendar.
The faculty petitions committee will consider and decide all petitions within six (6) weeks of the filing of the petitions. All necessary documentation and information must be complete.
Students should submit the petition with the office of the dean of the academic unit in which they are registered (i.e., the Faculty of Arts, Music, Science, the School of Business & Economics).

One main exception to this is an appeal for a deferred examination which must be submitted to the academic unit in which the course is offered. The student will be advised of the decision and the reasons therefore, in writing.

Please carefully read all the information required and provided by the University with regards to petitioning.  Full understanding of the requirements and the process involved is completely the students responsibility.

Petition contact information

Program Selection: All students

Year 1 students normally register in May, after having received the offer of admission. Details regarding registration procedures are mailed to each student.

In March, returning Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 students have an opportunity to confirm their academic program for the following year by pre-registering online using LORIS. If the deadline to confirm your program has passed or access to the site is not possible, the online Program Selection Form may be used. In July and throughout the summer and fall/winter, students may then select their courses online. Refer to the LORIS information page on the website for start and end dates. Final grades and progression decisions are available through LORIS on the university website

Records and Registration forms

From the Registrar's Office, this link will take you to all the forms needed to register, petition, withdraw, change your address etc.

Returning to Laurier

If a student is Required to Withdraw from Laurier for poor performance, they must go through the Admissions Office to Request Re-admission.


All transcript requests are handled through the Registrar's Office.

Transferring Campuses

Students that wish to transfer from the Brantford Campus to the Waterloo Campus or Waterloo Campus to Brantford Campus must complete the attached form.

Campus Transfer Form

Transfer Credits

If you are coming into Laurier with credits from another institution, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will assess those credits and determine what can be applied towards your Laurier degree. The official University calendar provides information on the transfer process.

You may also take courses at other institutions and have the credit applied toward your degree.    Before you take the course you must contact your departmental Program Advisor and they will determine if the course(s) can be used toward your degree requirements. Second, if permission is granted, you must submit a Letter of Permission through the Registrar's Office.
Letter of Permission information

Courses at the University of Waterloo follow a different procedure - use the cross-registration form available in the Office of the Registrar or online.

Transferring to BBA or Kin: current students

Current Laurier students interested in transferring into either the BBA or Kinesiology program, should first speak with the undergraduate program advisor in the department.
SBE advising
Kinesiology advising

You will find the form to apply for a transfer on the Registrar's Office section of Important Forms

Required to Withdraw from Laurier

If you were required to withdraw from Laurier, you may request re-admission to resume studies no earlier than 12 months from the date of required withdrawal.

Please note: Due to the competitive nature of the programs in the School of Business & Economics, students who were required to withdraw from the University are not eligible for re-admission into these programs. If you wish to be considered for re-admission into another program at the University, follow the instructions below for Arts, Brantford or Science.

For the Faculty of Arts, Laurier Brantford and the Faculty of Science:

  1. Re-admission will be at the discretion of the appropriate Faculty Committee and is not guaranteed.
  2. Academic upgrading is required (i.e. Two academic college courses, each at a minimum grade of A- (80%); or two university courses, each at a minimum grade of B- (70%) or better. These courses may not be taken at Laurier and must not cover course material previously taken at Laurier. Any additional courses taken while on "must withdraw" status will be scrutinized by the appropriate Faculty Committee.
  3. Courses taken for upgrading purposes must be pre-approved. Email the Office of Enrolment Services with the course description or course syllabus or links to the website where this information can be found and include your full name and student ID number in the email.
  4. Courses taken at college or another university to either meet upgrading requirements or taken for interest while on a "must withdraw" status will not be awarded as, or considered for, transfer credit if you are re-admitted.
  5. An official transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Enrolment Services - Records from the institution(s) attended for upgrading.

Previous Laurier students must complete: Request for Re-admission

The Faculty Committee requires that you submit, along with the appropriate academic documents, the online form with a statement which includes the following:

  1. The program you wish to enter or re-enter;
  2. The reasons for your previous academic performance;
  3. Why you wish to attend Laurier and why you think you will be more successful academically if re-admitted;
  4. Details concerning your activities or work experience since your last attendance at school.

If re-admitted, students are permitted to enroll in part-time studies on academic probation. They are limited to 1.0 credits per semester and must successfully complete 2.0 credits (or equivalent) with a G.P.A. of 5.00 (C) within two years, but are limited to taking a total of 4.0 credits (or equivalent) until academic probation is cleared. No failures are allowed during this probationary period. Upon clearing probation they may then proceed into full-time or part-time studies in accordance with regular academic regulations.

Applicants will be notified by email once decisions have been made. Mail will be sent to the mailing address on file with the Office of Enrolment Services.

Cross-registration in courses at the University of Waterloo

Laurier students taking courses at University of Waterloo

Cross-registration procedures:
Please read the following before printing the form:

  • You are responsible for obtaining the required signatures and printing sufficient copies.
  • Your cross-registration form will not be processed if any of the required information and/or signatures are missing.
  • You must be in a degree program at Wilfrid Laurier University. 
  • Students on academic probation in a general degree program, or in post-degree studies are not permitted to cross-register.
  • You must complete a separate cross-registration form for each term
  • Students will need to fill out and send in the Undergraduate Cross-Registration form to the Registrar's Office once all required signatures have been obtained.
  • Contact Khaleel Hosein, ext. 3452 (Faculty of Arts) and (Faculties of Human and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Music, Science, and School of Business & Economics)
For more information, refer to information on Cross Registration in the online calendar.

Withdrawal process

Complete withdrawal can be completed by dropping courses using LORIS, or emailed to the staff listed below. The policy outlined under Adding or Withdrawing from Courses applies.

Students who withdraw without following the proper procedure will not be eligible for any refund of fees, and will have each of the applicable courses recorded as a failure.  Students holding scholarships or loans must bear responsibility for meeting obligations in returning or repaying funds. 

Contact information, or if you have questions regarding this process can be directed, as follows:

Service Laurier:  (519) 884-0710, ext. 2800 or
Registrar's Office Fax number: (519) 884-8826

Program Withdrawal Checklist

Withdrawing Checklist