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December 8, 2016
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GPA - Grade Point Average

What is a grade point average?

Grade point average (GPA) is the numerical system Laurier uses to measure how our students are doing academically. Whether you are allowed to move to the next year in a program, continue in a program, or continue to study at Laurier depends on the GPA you achieve. It’s important that you check your GPA frequently. If it starts to fall or if you’re getting too many grades of C and D, contact your honours program advisor immediately so the two of you can put together a plan to get your studies back on track.

Why should I know how to calculate my GPA?

Knowledge is power…in this case power over your academic career. For instance, you can calculate the grade you’ll need to achieve in a specific course or courses to raise your overall GPA so you can stay in your program or get off academic probation, or to meet the requirements of a competitive scholarship or award, or to get into that graduate school you want to attend. It’ll help you to set priorities: perhaps to focus a little more attention on a course you’ve let slide a little or to attend those Supplemental Instruction or Study Skills workshops.

GPA Calculator