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October 26, 2016
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Any student may appeal to the appropriate faculty petitions committee any decision taken by an individual or body acting in the name of the university, which affects the academic standing of the student, and which the student believes was taken unfairly.  Students should become familiar with the University's policies and procedures on petitions as stated in the university calendar.

The faculty petitions committee will consider and decide all petitions within six (6) weeks of the filing of the petitions. All necessary documentation and information must be complete.

Students should submit the petition with the office of the dean of the academic unit in which they are registered (i.e., the Faculty of Arts, Music, Science, the School of Business & Economics).

One main exception to this is an appeal for a deferred examination which must be submitted to the academic unit in which the course is offered. The student will be advised of the decision and the reasons therefore, in writing.

Please carefully read all the information required and provided by the University with regards to petitioning.  Full understanding of the requirements and the process involved is completely the students responsibility.

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Last updated: April 2016