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December 2, 2016
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LAURIER GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator is for personal and informational purposes only. The calculations are unofficial. Your official GPA and academic record is available on LORIS.

Use the calculator to determine:

  • How the grades you have earned or attempted in a term will affect your cumulative GPA
  • The grades you will need to meet your program's progression and graduation requirements

The GPA calculator can be used in two ways:

  • Start from your EXISTING GPA, which is available on LORIS. Enter the number of credits* you have earned or attempted to date and your cumulative GPA.
  • Enter current and anticipated courses and actual or anticipated grades. Use one line for each.

You must include both failed and successful course attempts.

Note: If you have failed a course and repeated it or are repeating it, use ONLY the grade achieved in the second attempt in your calculation. Do NOT include both the first attempt and the second attempt grades in your calculation.

If you wish to determine how much of an improvement you will see if you repeat a course that you have failed:

  1. Complete the GPA calculation including the grade of F

  2. then

  3. Do the calculation a second time, replacing the original grade of F with the grade you are working toward in your second attempt of the course. Then hit "Calculate" again.

* Credit
A measure indicating the relative weight assigned a particular course. A credit can be obtained in a number of ways, for example, by successfully completing a 1.0-credit course, two half (0.5) credit courses or four quarter (0.25) credit courses.

Existing GPA
Year Total Credits Earned/Attempted Current GPA
Calculate GPA
Course Code Credit Weight Grade
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Total Calculated Course Weight:

Total Calculated GPA:

* Final exam not written - failed course.
Where an X appears beside a final passing grade, the final examination was not written and the grade is based upon term work.

** Dropped after academic deadline - failed course.

The LAURIER GPA Calculator has been adapted from a model developed by University of Toronto at Scarborough.