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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Information for Parents

Research that respects parents', caregivers', early childhood educators', and teachers' role in understanding children.

Dr. Kotsopoulos's research is predominantly of an applied nature. The research is often conducted in homes, early learning settings, and in schools.

A key goal of the research is the production of knowledge that might inform how adults can support young children in learning mathematics. If your child has been invited to participate in a study and you have given written consent, you may be asked to complete some prior information online or at home. The types of tasks children are asked to participate in are usually presented as game-like and are done either in the classroom or in a room close to the classroom. All research assistants that work with children have completed training for ethical procedures and have completed a vulnerable screening check.

If you have any concerns, please contact Dr. Kotsopoulos at

If you are interested having your child participate in research, please contact Dr. Kotsopoulos at or click here to complete an online form.Final_LOgo.png