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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
August 17, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the MA in Community Music degree is to prepare community music practitioners with both the theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary for sound leadership in Community Music. Such leaders are thus equipped for the many aspects of music making and leadership in the interest of advancing the musical life of the community at both personal and group levels. Laurier’s vision statement proclaims,

“Our commitment is to justice and sustainability now and in the future, so we strive to ignite the minds, spirits and hearts of our communities through excellence in teaching and learning, in the discovery, scholarly exploration, and application of new ideas, and in instilling the courage to engage and challenge the world in all its complexity.” (Values, Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles)

Successful candidates of the Master of Arts in Community Music will have met the following program outcomes.

  1. Earned a recognized qualification in Community Music.
  2. Developed and applied research skills and contributed to the body of research on the role of music in the community.
  3. Demonstrated a foundational understanding of global Community Music practices.
  4. Built and reflected upon personal leadership skills, engaged self and others within a community-building practice, grounded on a solid theoretical foundation.
  5. Developed and applied creative and practical skills in a network of interdisciplinary arts fields.
  6. Articulated an advanced and integrated conceptual understanding of the relationship between theory and practice in community music leadership.

These outcomes are achieved through a balance of courses, applied field experience, reflection and research.