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September 22, 2017
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How do I apply to Laurier Brantford?

Admission information is available here.

I am a new student. How do I choose my courses?

You can view the online New Student Registration Guide here. You should also register for “Headstart”, a half day orientation program designed to ease your transition to university by providing information sessions on course registration, academic success, and campus life. You can find more information about the program here.

Program Requirements

Where can I find the requirements for majors/minors/options offered at Laurier Brantford?

All requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. They are accessible online here.

What is a program worksheet?
Program worksheets are designed to help you understand the mandatory courses within your program, and guide your course selection. You can access your program worksheet here. Please continue to follow the same worksheet year for your entire time at Laurier to ensure that you are consistently following the correct requirements for your program.

Is there a limit of junior (100-level) courses I can take?

Yes! Students can only count 7.0 junior credits towards their degree including transfer credits. Exceptions to this rule include Honours Psychology, English and History. These programs only allow for 6.0 junior credits.

What grades do I need to stay in my program?

At Laurier, progression (ability to move to the next year of your program), is usually based on a minimum GPA or specific course requirements. Generally, students must maintain at least a 5.0 overall GPA and a 5.0 major GPA to progress into the next year of their program. However, there are some programs that have higher progression standards, such as the Concurrent Education Program, Business Technology Management, Game Design and Development, Psychology, and Social Work. For more detailed information, please view your program information in the academic calendar.

What grades do I need to graduate?

Generally, to graduate with an Honours degree, students must achieve a minimum 5.0 overall GPA and a 7.0 major GPA. The Concurrent Education Program requires students to reach a 7.0 overall GPA and a 7.0 major GPA.  Please refer to the academic calendar for your program's full graduation requirements, as some programs are different.

I am a transfer student. How do my transfer credits fit in my degree?

Transfer credits are detailed on your Offer of Admission or in a separate letter from the Admissions office. Students who are transferring from a college may be able to find more specific information if their program has a transfer agreement with Laurier Brantford: Students from other universities can usually expect course-for-course credit where a Laurier course is deemed to be the equivalent of a course they've already completed with a grade in the course of 60% or higher.  Where there is no equivalency, an elective is normally granted. Please visit the Admissions Web site for further details.

How can I change my program?

Students may apply to change their program using LORIS program confirmation during the Winter term.  If progression requirements for the new program are met when grades are final, new programs will be indicated on LORIS before registration begins for the next academic year. If it is outside of program confirmation time, you may change your program by completing a program selection form.


A course is listed as closed but it appears that there is space:

Cross Listed Course

If a course (PP/RE 209 for example) has a capacity of 60 students, 44 students may have registered for the course as PP209, while the remaining 16 registered for it as RE209. Combined, this totals 60 students, meaning that the course is closed.

For the search result, LORIS will break down the registration into some different categories that students will be able to see. The most important one is "Cross List Seats". Cross List Seats will display the combined total registrations, displaying 60 students registered, and therefore 0 seats remaining.

Waitlisted Course

When a student drops a course that has an active waitlist, an invitation will be sent to the first student on the waitlist. During this period, you may be able to view "space" in the course, but what you are actually viewing is the seat that has been reserved for the first student on the waitlist. Students have 24 hours to accept their waitlist invitation. Cross Listed Courses do not have waitlist functionality on LORIS.

Changing a Tutorial Without Dropping the Lecture

Students can follow these steps to switch tutorials without dropping the lecture, provided there is room in the tutorial and there are no time conflicts.
- Log into LORIS
- Click on "Student Services"
- Click on "Registration"
- Click on "Select Term" then select the appropriate term
- Click on "Add or Drop Classes"
- Find the lecture (for example BF299 BR1), click on the down arrow beside the lecture and choose "Re-Enrol". Do not submit yet
- Find the tutorial (e.g. BF299 1), click on the down arrow beside the tutorial and select "Drop Course". Do not submit yet
- Select the new tutorial by doing a class search or by entering in the CRN number into the blank boxes at the bottom of the screen (e.g. BF299 2, CRN: 1234)
- Click on "Submit Changes"

Academic Success

How often should I meet with an academic advisor?
We recommend that students plan to see an advisor at least once a year to go over remaining program requirements as well as any other academic plans the student may have. Our office is open all year round, and also offers telephone appointments if you are not in the Brantford area. You can book an appointment or visit us during drop-in's.

I failed a course last term. Can I retake it?
Students may retake up to 2.0 credits and have the new grade replace the old grade in the GPA calculation, whether the new grade is higher or lower. The failure will remain on your transcript. No course may be attempted more than twice.

What services are available to help me with my courses?
The Centre for Student Success can help you develop the skills you need to excel in your classes. They offer support through facilitated study groups, individual consultations, writing workshops and a tutor referral service. To book an appointment or find out more information, see their

Tutorials and Labs

Tutorial and lab times are listed at on Dynamic Loris. You will register for a tutorial or lab section on LORIS at the same time that you register for your lecture section. If you are unable to attend any of the tutorial or lab times, do not register for the course. Please visit this page for further instructions on how to add a lecture and a tutorial/lab.

Taking Courses at other Campuses

Can I take courses at the Waterloo campus?

Yes. Students at the Brantford campus are permitted to take courses at the Waterloo campus, as long as the majority of their courses each term are either in Brantford or online. For example, if you are taking 5 courses per term, a maximum of 2 courses per term could be taken at the Waterloo campus. You must get the courses you want to take at the Waterloo campus approved by the department prior to registration.

Faculty of Arts Request form
Faculty of Science Request form

I'm a Waterloo campus student.  How can I take courses at the Brantford campus?

Please complete the Brantford Campus Override form. Remember, the majority of your course registration must be at your "home" campus.

I would like to take a course at another university and have it apply towards my Laurier degree. Can I do this?

Yes. You must get the course you would like to take at another university approved by Laurier first, before you are able to register in the course. Please review the Letter of Permission requirements and fill out this online form before making arrangements.

How do I go on exchange to a university in another country?

Prior to applying for an exchange, it is highly recommended that you visit an academic advisor to plan out the courses you will take while you are out of the country. It is suggested that you try to take mostly electives while you are away. Please visit the Laurier International website for more information about applying to an exchange program.