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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Associated Faculty

Faculty researcher

(Waterloo/Brantford) Department/Program


Jennifer Baltzer

(W) Biology

Forest ecosystems, stress tolerance and performance trade-offs for species distribution and range sizes

Claire Bennett

(W) Sustainability Office

Laurier Sustainability Coordinator

Alison Blay-Palmer, Director

(W) Geography and Environmental Studies

Local, sustainable food systems and communities, Director Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at Laurier

Jennifer Clapp

(University of Waterloo) Environment

Global food and environment politics and governance; environment and development; trade and environment/ agriculture; politics of food aid; global politics of hazardous and plastic waste; agricultural biotechnology and implications for developing countries

Jonathan Crush, Associate Director

Centre for International Governance Innovation

Chair in Global Migration and Development; international migration and diasporas; urban food security; African politics and development

Michel Desjardins (W) Religion and Culture

Food's role in people's spiritual lives with research in Canada and more recently in SW China; University programs that foster learning by sending students abroad.

Stephanie DeWitte-Orr

(W) Biology

Fish immune responses to virus infections; sustainable aquaculture management and related policies

Jody Decker

(W) Geography and Environmental Studies

Geographies of health an place, using cross-cultural and gendered perspectives

Michael English

(W) Geography and Environmental Studies

Hill slope and stream flow hydrology and chemistry and groundwater acidification studies in the Canadian Shield; Hydrology and chemistry of high Arctic terrestrial drainage; subarctic deltaic hyrology and geomorphology; nitrogen cycles on agricultural land

Sheri Gibbings

(W) Global Studies

Social cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, social movements and activism, street vending, Indonesia.

Suzanne Luke

(W) Robert Langen Gallery

Curator, sustainability and/or food exhibits

Oliver Masakure

(B) Business Technology Management, Leadership and Human Rights

Local food in Canada and East Africa, economic development, health and labour economics.

Past Associate Director, Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa, Brantford

Jim McGeer

(W) Biology

Environmental risk assessment and regulations, fresh water ecosystems, aquatic toxicology, environmental effects monitoring, Southern Ontario Watershed Consortium

Rob Milne

(W) Geography and Environmental Studies

Ecosystem management in Ontario, recreation and agricultural land stewardship

Mitali De

(W) School of Business and Economics

Supply chain management, food supply, decision theory, operations management

Phil Mount (W) Geography and Environmental Studies (Postdoc) Local supply chains, sustainable food systems and communities

Manuel Reimer

(W) Community Psychology

Director, Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action

Community-based change for the promotion of environmentally sustainable behaviors; Networks and collaboration, change within complex social systems, evaluation research, implementation and sustainability of social programs, and mixed methods.

Matt Smith

(W) Biology

Plant biology, mechanisms of protein targeting and import into chloroplasts

Scott Smith

(W) Biology Nutrient recovery, use of waste water to make fertilizer, environmental chemistry of metals in aquatic systems

Mike Wilkie

(W) Biology

How different species of fish respond, cope, adapt and live in unpredictable and extreme environments, invasive species