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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Our vision is to conduct research that is both grounded in practice and theoretically informed, and to disseminate this co-generated knowledge through local, national and global networks to advance opportunities for and educate about more sustainable food systems.


We will continue with cutting edge research on sustainable food systems. We will further develop innovative models that allow for collaborative, decentralized, diverse research and practice.

Knowledge Dissemination

We will provide links to the research produced by network members through diverse formats and channels including online, in person, conference calls, workshops, videos, webinars, papers, reports, and food systems mapping.

We will ensure these efforts are ongoing and timely to ensure the knowledge dissemination is timely and enables continuous feedback.

Network Building

Through our research and knowledge mobilization we will engage our International, National, Regional Advisory and/or research Committees to build partnerships, identify collaborative (i.e. common research methods) and comparative research projects.