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December 9, 2016
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CPAG & PAG Performance Appraisal

The annual Performance Appraisal process is integral to Laurier's success as it provides managers and employees with a shared understanding of what is required (through work and development goals) and how success can be achieved.

Appraisals typically take place around June/July, and assess the performance year from July 1st to June 30th.  The performance appraisal process applies to staff in the Confidential (CPAG) and Professional (PAG) Administrative Groups.

CPAG & PAG Performance Appraisal Form

2016 Performance Appraisal Timeline:

2016 Performance Appraisal Process and Templates communicated to managers

May 18th

Employee completes and submits Self-Assessment to their manager (or on agreed upon date)

June 17th

HR sends spreadsheet to senior leaders to provide summary of performance ratings

June 13thto June 15th

Manager completes the Performance Appraisal Form and conducts appraisal meeting with employee

June 17th to August 5th

Managers submit completed Performance Appraisals and Performance Ratings spreadsheet to HR attention Krista Boertien or Krista Harloff

By August 5th

HR provides a unit level summary of ratings, including ratings distribution, to each Senior Executive for their review and approval

August 8th to Aug 26th

HR recommends to the Presidentís Group the merit framework to ensure all funds are distributed and the most meaningful differentiation between performance levels is achieved.

By Sept 7th

Final/approved merit increases communicated to managers

Week of September 12th

Letters sent to employees receiving merit increases

Week of September 19th

Merit increases are processed on October pay deposit, retroactive to July 1, 2016

October 1st bi-weekly pay

The merit recommendation process will be communicated in June.

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