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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
August 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Long Service Awards

Wilfrid Laurier University recognizes the on-going commitment and valued contributions of all of its faculty and staff. To recognize these contributions, employees who reach a milestone of 15, 25, 35 and 40 years of service are recognized annually at the Employee Achievement Awards event.

Criteria for long service recognition can be found here.

2015 Long Service Recipients

List of recipients

2014 Long Service Recipients

List of Recipients

2013 Long Service Recipients

List of Recipients

2012 Long Service Recipients

40 years

Jan Basso
Juanne Clarke

35 years

Pamela Schaus
John Campbell
David Blenkhorn
Peter Eglin
Angelo Santi
Joanne Bell
William McTeer
Margaret Koop
Robert Arnold

25 years

Robert Basso
Doreen Dassen
Allen Zink
Amy Menary
David Brown
Viviana Comensoli
Peter Dunn
Michael English
C. Ruth Harris
Jane Rutherford
Jacques Schnabel
Richard Walsh-Bowers
James Weldon
Robert Kelly
Anna Papinski
Gail Forsyth
Cecile Joyal
Leanne Leeman

15 years

Pat Miller
Penelope Grows
Amy Hamilton
Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts
Maria Di Cenzo
Detlev Nitsch
Roger Buehler
Philip Servos
Heather Taves
Angie Kobbert
Douglas Roberts
Christina Zub
Chris Floto
Tom Laughlin
Sally Gray
Peggy Bishop
Susan Muck
Shelagh Pepper