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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

President's Award- Individual and Team Achievement

Concept of Awards

The Employee Success Factors define for all employees at all levels, the skills, knowledge, learning and behaviours which are critical to the achievement of Laurier’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan.

Annually, three President’s Awards will be given (one to an individual and up to two to a team) that consistently demonstrate exceptional performance in all five of the success factor areas

Criteria for Nomination

The awards are open to all current staff or faculty members with a minimum of two years continuous service. Part-time contract academic staff who have taught at Laurier for at least two consecutive years are also eligible. Individuals nominated as part of a group/team need not meet the same criteria but must have actively contributed to the team effectiveness.

University vice-presidents' are not eligible for nomination. Individuals may not be nominated for both the team and individual awards in the same year.

The Selection Committee will consider nominees who regularly and consistently demonstrate and/or perform actions of significant merit. They will also look for evidence that the nominee’s exemplary performance has created an impact on other employees of the University, fellow employees, students, prospective students, alumni, retirees and/or visitors.

The five Employee Success Factors, which enable employees to constructively lead from within in our joint mission to inspire lives of leadership and purpose, are:

  1. Collaborates to Promote Team & Organizational Success
  2. Values Relationships & Community
  3. Seeks Opportunities for Continuous Improvement
  4. Supports a Culture of Service
  5. Models Leadership & Accountability

In its deliberations, the Selection Committee may consider the following:

  • -activities that warrant special consideration;
  • -breadth and depth of the impact of the nominee’s achievement;
  • -strength of the nomination.

In addition, consideration may be given to how well the awards represent the broad range of occupations across the University.

Nomination Process

Nominators will be required to complete the nomination forms in their entirety and submit the forms with all the required documentation. Letters of support are required for this award. Please see the Nomination Form for more information.

The nominees Dean, Director or Assistant Vice-President must sponsor the nomination.  Nominators are responsible for completing the official Nomination Form and submitting it to Human Resources.  A nomination is valid for one year only.  Incomplete submissions and those that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

All nominations and the names of the nominees are strictly confidential.  All nominees will be contacted privately by the Human Resources Department to confirm their acceptance of the award.  All nominees must be aware of and support the nomination.

The names of the recipients will be announced at an organizational event where the awards will be presented.  The recipients must agree to participate in the events surrounding the awards. 

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will include up to 12 representatives. Participants will include representation from all employee groups. The committee will administer, receive, evaluate and recommend the winners. The committee will be chaired by the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources.

The selection committee members will be appointed annually and will not be permitted to sit on the Selection Committee for more than two (2) consecutive years, with the exception of the AVP of Human Resources.

In the event where a member of the Selection Committee is nominated for consideration under one of the awards, he/she will declare a conflict of interest and will be replaced by a new member of the same employee groups, where possible.

For the inaugural year of these awards, the Selection Committee will be comprised of those who were on the task force that researched and created the Employee Success Factors. For each subsequent year, the Selection Committee will be made up of the recipients of the awards from the previous year.

The University President will decide the ultimate winners of these awards.

Nomination Forms

Please follow this link to the Nomination Forms.

Tips for Nominators

Please follow the link to view Tips for Nominators