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February 22, 2017
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Registration Guide for Returning Students - Fall 2016/Winter 2017

for Returning Undergraduate Students

Step 1: Prepare for Your Program

Step 2: Plan Course Selection

Step 3: Know Registration Times

Step 4: Register via LORIS - Visual Scheduler Builder

Step 1: Prepare for Your Program

i. Online program change via LORIS - available in LORIS March 1st until April 28th

All registered students in years 1 through 3 will be automatically confirmed in their current academic program on LORIS for registration in the next academic year. If you wish to make a change to your program or declare an option, you may do so in LORIS during the above noted time period.

After this time, students wishing to revise their program should submit the Program Selection Form (by faculty).

Refer to the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for details about program-specific requirements for each specialization. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they are properly registered and meet course requirements and the requirements of the program for which they are registered. Any questions about program requirements or changes, should be directed to an academic advisor.

Waterloo Advising

Brantford Advising

Brantford Campus - BA/BEd, Business Technology Management,  Bachelor of Social Work, Journalism, Psychology, Human Rights and Human Diversity, Organizational Leadership, Foundations, and Game Design & Development Program


ii. Check your current online official grades screen for academic decision

In mid-June, login to LORIS to check your official grades and academic decision under the Winter 2016 term. The decision references the program you requested for the following fall/winter. Late requests for Program changes (the Program Selection Form) are continuously being approved and will change your registration time ticket. (Note that your prospective degree program is listed under your Record of Course Work).

If you did not meet the requirements of the program you confirmed for fall/winter, you will be placed in a program that you are eligible for (e.g. you selected Honours Psychology - did not meet honours major GPA requirements - you will be placed in Honours Arts). If you wish to revise this choice and are eligible for another program, submit the Program Selection form. Not all programs can be changed through the Program Selection Form. If they are a competitive program (BBA, BBA Double Degrees, BBTM, BSW, Health Sciences or Kinesiology), a Program Transfer Form must be used.

Progression Requirements:

Follow this link to the Undergraduate Academic Calendar for details about program-specific requirements for each specialization. 

Progression Requirements

Click here to reference the university Grading Scale.

iii. Be aware of Important Dates.

iv. Seek Academic Advising

Brantford Campus
Waterloo Campus

Step 2: Plan Course Selection

i. Review course descriptions

Course descriptions are found in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar

ii. Timetable of Classes:

Brantford Campus
Waterloo Campus
Online Learning

iii. Note courses with Year and/or Program Restrictions

Many courses have registration restrictions that will be removed after a specific date. This date is listed on the dynamic course schedule under restrictions. Before restrictions are removed, these courses are only open to students in select majors, honours programs and year levels. If, before this date, you cannot select a particular course due to restrictions, you should check after restrictions have been removed.

Courses may have year restrictions. If you require an override, please contact academic advising.

Brantford Campus-

Waterloo Campus- Contact the academic advisor for the course

It is your responsibility to create a time table for each term that fits your progression requirements. LORIS will not allow you to register in some Fall courses if you have not met the required prerequisites. For the winter term, LORIS will allow you to register in some courses if you do not meet prerequisites. In this case, LORIS is assuming you will be taking the prerequisite in the fall term. If you do not register in the prerequisite, LORIS may remove you from the Winter registration.

The university reserves the right to remove you at any time from any courses that you have registered for contrary to the regulations. For example, if you register in more courses than allowed, in courses for which you lack prerequisites or in courses which are inappropriate due to any other university regulation, the university reserves the right to remove you even after classes have begun. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to make the appropriate selections. The university does not guarantee that your errors will be caught.

Except during system updates students can add and drop courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the last day to add for the given term. This date can be found in the academic calendar. Course registration occurs on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Popular courses and course sections at the most popular times fill quickly. You should register as early as possible in order to have the greatest number of sections from which to choose. 

iv. Building Your Course Schedule

Build your schedule using the online visual schedule builder. View the LORIS online visual demo on how to use the visual schedule builder, download the PDF instructions, or view the Visual Schedule Builder (ScheduleMe) Demo Another option is to use the dynamic schedule along with a blank timetable worksheet to mark out courses, days and times while you work in LORIS. You must still log into LORIS to formally register for your classes as the visual schedule builder is strictly a tool to help generate conflict-free timetables.

Next step: logging into LORIS. If a department has authorized wait listing to be used if a course is full, you will be prompted to add yourself to the wait list. Read the instructions. Note, not all closed courses have a wait list.

Access the timetable of classes in point ii. above for class terms/days/times.

Note - Year 2 & 3 BBA students: Core courses will be added to your schedule prior to registration appointments. In LORIS, register for elective courses only.

Note - DM & JN students must add the Conestoga College courses to their LORIS account for registration and billing purposes 

Note - BA/BEd students: Nipissing courses are added to your LORIS account for billing purposes only.  Please be sure to register in your Nipissing courses on WebAdvisor to enrol in a section with specific day(s), time(s) and an instructor. If you plan to drop a Nipissing course, please be sure to drop the course on your WebAdvisor and LORIS accounts on the same day.  Please note that WebAdvisor and LORIS registrations will be cross-referenced at the end of every term for any discrepancies. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Laurier and Nipissing academic advisors.

Note - Year 3 BBTM students: Register for Winter term and Spring term (BTM only) courses in June. Spring term registration will open January 25, 2016 to add the remainder of your spring term (elective) courses.

Blank Class Schedule Template

v. Online Learning Courses - Additional Information

Visit the Online Learning site for detailed information about enrolling in online courses.

Step 3: Registration Time Tickets

Returning student registration occurs between July 4-7. For those registered with Accessible Learning on an approved reduced course load, please see the second table below.




    1. Groups A & B -The 5.0 completed credits group has been split into two groups, A and B. Group A will consist of surnames starting with the letters A, C, E, G, I, K, M, O, Q, S, U, W, Y. Group B will consist of surnames B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X, Z.
    2. Registration Restrictions (based on major, program, etc) will be removed at 12:01 am on Monday, July 11th.




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