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February 26, 2017
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Official Third Party Letters/Completion of Forms

February 2013

Third Party Letters, Completion of Forms ex: Verification of Enrolment (for RESPs)

Please see this page for transcripts.

Conditions to Requesting Official Documents

(Please read carefully before submitting a request)

 Authorization to Release Student Records:

  1. Wilfrid Laurier University operates in accordance with the Provincial Privacy Legislation that guarantees the privacy of student records. Official documents will be issued by the Office of the Registrar upon submission of the proper signed form and payment. (Please refer to the Wilfrid Laurier University Policy 10.2 Student Records section III, E).
  2. Written authorization is required from the student in order to release any official documents to a third party, for pick-up or mail.
  3. In accordance with privacy legislation, details of completed forms can ONLY be discussed with the student.
  4. This information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act to administer the university-student relationship. This includes but is not limited to maintaining your academic and ancillary records, contacting you, and others on your behalf, and releasing such information as is appropriate for the operation of the university. Visit the Privacy Co-ordinatorís webpage for potential uses of your personal information. Privacy questions may be directed to


  1. Responsibility lies with the student to ensure that requests are submitted well in advance of their deadline dates. The request will be processed within 3 to 4 working days. However, during busy periods such as registration time, end of term, and convocation, it may take as long as five to six working days depending on the volume of requests received. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The university is not responsible for any official documents lost or delayed in the mail.
  2. Official documents will not be released for students with fees owing to the university.
  3. We do not accept requests via email or phone
  4. Urgent requests can be forwarded to the university via courier
  5. Documents that have been requested, but not picked up, will be destroyed after 90 days and will need to be re-ordered.


  1. We accept payment via cheque, money order, cash and credit card. Cheques must be made payable to Wilfrid Laurier University. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.
  2. All requests without payment will be mailed back as soon as we receive it.
  3. Overpayments are not refundable.
  4. Fax charges are $6.00 per fax number. (Maximum of 3 pages)
  5. Documents may be returned by courier. Payment of courier charges must be included with payment for the processing of the official document.

    Courier charges are as follows(*):

    Within Ontario
    $15.00 Elsewhere in Canada
    $30.00 Outside Canada/ USA

*Couriers will not deliver to P.O. box numbers or rural route numbers. They will also require a phone number for overseas or U.S. addresses.

For completion of RESP forms please refer to the following link: Outside Agency Completion Form

Further assistance:

Should you require a transcript or other official document in an alternative accessible format, please contact Service Laurier
 directly at We would be please to work with you to accommodate your request.

Third Party Letters

(e.g. Confirmation of Enrolment, Custom Letter Creation (verified), QECO)

Procedure - Undergraduate Students:

  1. Complimentary Verification of Enrollment (VOE) self-service is now available through LORIS. For more information, please visit

  2. Customized and other Third Party letters are available for a $15.00 fee (maximum of 5 copies permitted for one price). Please note, rush-order service is not available for any custom letters.

  3. The student must submit the Letter Request Form with the following information:
    • * Student's given name, surname, and any former surnames
    • * Current address and phone number
    • * WLU Student Number
    • * Date of birth
    • * Full mailing address of all recipients
    • * Number of copied being requested
    • * Exactly what you need the letter to state
    • * Mail or Pick-up
    • * Signature of student

Completion of Outside Agency Forms

 (e.g. RESP, Education Trusts)


  1. Effective September 1st, Bank, insurance, scholarship, and other forms completed by the Registrar are $10.00 each.
  2. Effective September 1st, Service Laurier will offer a special rush-order service for completion of forms. Rush order service is available for an $30 fee in addition to the cost of the form. Service Laurier will provide same day service for pick up and next-day service for delivery (plus applicable courier costs). Online and in-person requests received by 11 a.m. will be eligible for same-day service. Requests received after this time will be processed within one working day.
  3. When submitting the form(s), have your WLU student number available and the address for mailing the form(s).
  4. Fill in all student details requested on the outside agency form. Do not complete the Registrar's Office sections.
  5. Forms will be completed based on the course credit load (full-time vs part-time) at the time of processing. (Example: To verify full-time/academic year studies, the student must be registered in a minimum of 2.0 credits (or four half-credits) in both fall and winter terms when the form is submitted for completion).

Outside Agency Request Form


Contact Information

Customer Service: Transcript/Document Specialist

Mailing Address:

Wilfrid Laurier University
Office of the Registrar
75 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5

Drop off:

Service Laurier
202 Regina St., 2nd Floor
Waterloo, ON

Monday - Friday
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
 OR Office of the Registrar drop box at rear of the building (parking lot) at 202 Regina St


Phone: (519) 884-0710 ext. 2800

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