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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Walls to Bridges Collective

We have two W2B Collectives that design and implement experiential workshops and trainings in community, correctional and educational settings. The perspectives, voices and experiences of people with lived experience of incarceration are foregrounded in our workshops as we model the W2B pedagogy and facilitate innovative ways of engaging in dialogue about criminalization, imprisonment, stigma, education and employment. Participants have described our workshops as “transformative”, “enlightening”, “motivating” and “inspiring”!

W2B Grand Valley Institution for Women Collective (GVIW)

The first W2B offered at GVI was a Faculty of Social Work course called “Diversity, Marginalization and Oppression.” Upon completion of the semester, students and the instructor, Dr. Shoshana Pollack, decided to continue meeting on a regular basis in order to maintain the relationships and bonds that had been established during the course and continue to work on issues related to education and incarceration. Since 2011, the collective has flourished and grown. The central responsibility of the collective at GVI is to design and facilitate the annual Facilitator Training. The collective also supports W2B classes at GVI and facilitates workshops about criminalization, gender, education, employment and social justice.

W2B Toronto Collective

Spearheaded by women released from GVI and Dr. Simone Weil Davis, the Toronto collective offers a space where former students and instructors trained in W2B pedagogy can meet, support one another and continue the work of W2B. Visiting classrooms and community settings, we facilitate workshops on employment, education, and social justice, and collaborate with the GVI collective to train educators in the Walls to Bridges pedagogy.