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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
February 26, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Looking to hire a floater?

There are times when departments need to hire on a temporary basis when assistance is needed during specific periods of temporary rush, for specific special assignments or where replacements are needed for employees absent for reasons such as leaves of absence, illness, paid holidays, or vacations.

Temporary Positions/Appointments are not substitutes for or alternatives to Continuing, Limited-Term, or Recurring positions.

It is understood that a Temporary Position/Appointment will not exceed seventy (70) working days.

The typical starting wage for a floater doing WLUSA work is Grade 1, Step 1.

If you require a floater, please complete the Floater/Temporary Hiring Form and email it to Megan Duquette  or call extension 2007 if you have any questions.