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September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence


Community Development Work

SIRG Discussion Series
Presentations are offered bi-annually to members of the FSW as well as the larger community in order to share the research results in which SIRG is engaged. Notices of this event are posted on the FSW website.

Community Consultation/ Partnering
SIRG strives to work in a mutually beneficial manner with community partners with regards to offering services relative to process and outcome evaluations, needs assessments and environmental scans. Placement students are well versed in community development and social planning as well as research methods. Our project coordinators work with community partners to assist them in accessing funding through a variety of community based projects. SIRG stakeholders also offer training in the following areas: leadership and governance, organizational change and diversity, board governance, visioning and strategic planning exercises.

Political Coffee House Series
The Political Coffee House series is a discussion forum whereby a variety of topics throughout the semester are explored. SIRG encourages members of the academy and larger community to participate in meaningful dialogue and debate. Please see the FSW website for upcoming events

Good Neighbour Garage Sales
Every year SIRG organizes a garage sale in the hopes of building capacity with the Kitchener downtown community. Proceeds are donated to various charitable organizations.

SIRG Third Space Discussion Series
Every year, SIRG invites influential intellectuals to share stories, wisdom in order to provoke debate and conversation among social work faculty and students, and the larger public.