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December 4, 2016
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The goal of Laurier's Active Learning Classroom projects is to create student-centred learning environments that encourage and facilitate more active and collaborative teaching approaches. Acknowledging the impact and influence that physical space can have on pedagogical possibilities, these classrooms were renovated from a traditional tablet-style lecture space to round tables with advanced technologies that allow students to collaborate and share their work with their tables and/or the entire class. Download the Orientation Guide for specific information about each classroom.

Some of the features of these new teaching spaces include:

  • Round collaborative tables and comfortable swivel chairs
  • Connections from which students can project their work to each other and/or the entire class
  • Interactive short-throw projectors that allow students and instructor to project, mark up and save images
  • Portable whiteboards that allow students to record their work at their tables and mount it on a wall for discussion and idea sharing
  • Movable teaching console that allows the instructor to project and share the work being done at each table as well their own materials
  • Integrated videoconferencing capabilities
  • Upgraded wireless access
  • Infrastructure to support table-to-table or external Skype conversations, lecture capture, web conferencing, or backchannel communication

  Orientation and Feature information for each Active Learning Classroom is available on each classroom's page below or on the left sidebar

DAWB 3-106
DAWB 2-104
Science N1042
DAL007 Brantford

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Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom

Faculty interested in teaching in these spaces in the future should request it through their department administrative assistant during the class scheduling period.