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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Administrative Prioritization Criteria

IPRM is designed to identify the key principles and priorities that are essential to Laurierís future, then put resources toward those priorities. Key to the prioritization process are the criteria by which each academic and administrative program will be evaluated. For the purposes of IPRM, a program is defined as having a common set of activities that can be discretely defined, has clear and definable clientele, and consumes resources.

The following criteria and weights for program evaluation were recommended by the Administrative Priorities Team and approved by the Planning Task Force (PTF). The following criteria will be incorporated into one administrative template. A completed template will be required for each program at Laurier.

ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM CRITERIA (* weighting in brackets totals 100)     

1. Essentiality and importance to Laurier (20)
Importance of the program to the purpose and strategic objectives of university. Assesses the impact the program has or has had on the university.

2. Demand (30)
Assesses internal and external demand for the  program based on client, compliance/regulatory and other requirements

3. Assessment of Inputs & Processes (5)
Assesses the reasonableness of inputs and processes with respect to the essentiality and demand of the program.

4. Assessment of Outcomes & Impact (25)

A measure of the programís ability to effectively meet stakeholdersí needs as evidenced by key performance indicators.

5. Cost-effectiveness (15)

A measure of the programís value relative to the direct and indirect costs to operate, as well as ability to create efficiencies and/or generate revenues.

6. Opportunity analysis (5)
Assesses the potential for change or enhancement to better meet the needs of the university.

For further information about each of the administrative program evaluation criteria, please click here.