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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
October 23, 2017
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Mandate and Structure of the Administrative Priorities Team

Mandate of the Administrative Priorities Team
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To recommend to the Planning Task Force:

(i) A definition of an Administrative Program;
(ii) Criteria and weightings for the assessment of Laurier administrative programs;
(iii) A template aligned with the selected criteria, including a series of questions to support the criteria;
(iv) Assessments based on the approved template of all assigned administrative programs to support the classification of each program into one of the categories established by the Planning Task Force. The highest-ranking programs, as evaluated by the program review process, will be eligible for increased resources, whereas the lowest-ranking programs will be candidates for phasing out, subject to review.

    Size: 20 members.

    Structure & membership:

    • The administrative priorities team is composed of a mix of non-faculty including AVPs, directors, managers and staff, academic administrators (Deans, AVP Teaching and Learning and University Librarian), academic faculty and two undergraduate students.
    • The administrative priorities team was constructed through a blended election/appointment process. Specifically:
      • 5 members are faculty/librarian members
        • 3 faculty/librarian members were elected and 2 were appointed
      • 13 members are non-faculty
        • 9 non-faculty/academic administrator members were elected and 4 were appointed
      • 2 members are undergraduate students, appointed by the Wilfrid Laurier University Studentsí Union (WLUSU)
    • Appointments were made jointly by the VP Finance and Administration and VP Academic & Provost following consultation with the senior advisory team of the VPA and the senior team of the VPFA.
    • The VPFA and VPA appointed interim co-chairs of the administrative priorities team (following consultation with their respective senior advisory teams). Chair(s) are also members of the PTF.
    • The President and Vice Presidents are not members of the administrative priorities team.

    Characteristics of Administrative Priorities Team members:

    The following characteristics are essential for appointees (and therefore nominees) to the administrative priorities team:  

    • High credibility.
    • High integrity.
    • Nominees should be well-known among their peer groups, but each person does not have to be widely known throughout the entire university.
    • Nominees do not have to occupy any formal positions of leadership and management. However, they should be knowledgeable about the broader institution and specifically about administrative functions within a university.
    • The administrative priorities team will be a working group and will carry a very large responsibility and workload. Nominees should therefore be known for getting things done and meeting their commitments
    • Awareness of fiduciary responsibility to the university as a member of the Administrative priorities team and consequent willingness and capacity to adopt an institutional (versus parochial) perspective.