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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Vice-President:  Finance  and  Administration
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

About IPRM

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) initiative will ultimately identify the academic and administrative priorities of the university and determine how to operationalize and fund these priorities – within our existing resources – to position Laurier for future success.

IPRM builds on the foundations developed through the Visioning Laurier exercise, the Academic Plan and the Campus Master Plan. It operates on the principle that no university can be exceptional in all areas; the university needs to identify the areas that will allow Laurier to thrive, and then fund those areas appropriately.

IPRM is critically important for the future of the university. The process will result in prioritization decisions about the university's programs. The strategic allocation of resources can only be achieved by going through a rigorous and academically responsible prioritization process.

The exercise involves two broad components: resource management and prioritization.

During resource management, an optimum budget model and resource-allocation process will be developed that will then be utilized to direct resources to the major academic and administrative priorities of the university. 

During prioritization – which is made up of academic prioritization and administrative prioritization – key academic and non-academic priorities will be established that will position Laurier for future success.

The university is committed to implementing the outcomes of the process to ensure Laurier’s success in the future.

A Planning Task Force (PTF) is responsible for the delivery of the IPRM program. The PTF is strongly represented by faculty and will approve the prioritization criteria for both academic and administrative areas. 

The PTF oversees the work of a Resource Management Team, an Academic Priorities Team, and an Administrative Priorities Team.

IPRM is an inclusive and broad-based process where all members of the Laurier community will have the chance to contribute, and everyone is advocating for the success of the university.

The university is committed to providing the Laurier community with transparent, direct communication throughout this process. Information will continue to be posted to this website as it becomes available.

During IPRM, people have the chance to ask questions and have their questions answered. Please email with any questions about the project.