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October 21, 2017
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IPRM Working Groups

The IPRM's Planning Task Force (PTF) oversees three constituent teams: the Resource Management Team, the Academic Priorities Team and the Administrative Priorities Team.

A message from the Planning Task Force (PTF) co-chairs:

When the IPRM process was first introduced to the Laurier community, it was paired with a fundamental question: “How will we continue to make Laurier a better institution?”

A year later, with workshops and information sessions complete, and members of the Integrated Planning and Resource Management (IPRM) working groups nominated, elected and appointed, this question remains as the central driving force of IPRM.

The IPRM process is designed to answer this question by identifying the key principles and priorities that are essential to Laurier’s future, then putting resources toward those priorities.

As co-chairs of the IPRM Planning Task Force (PTF), our role is not only to lead the working groups and the Laurier community through the prioritization and resource management process that will continue to make Laurier a better institution, but most importantly, to do it through open dialogue and ongoing communications.

We are currently in Phase 2 of the process, where the IPRM working groups – the PTF, Resource Management Team and Academic and Administrative Priorities Teams – are putting the working phase of the project in motion.

Since the working groups began training and meetings in February 2013, the PTF has worked to develop mandates and guiding documents for each of the working groups, as well as establish project timelines.

The working groups have been focused on finalizing decision protocols and developing program evaluation criteria. For more details about the IPRM process, click here.

We have added a list of working group meetings to this website, and will provide brief summaries of the meetings going forward.

We encourage you to keep checking this website for updated information, and to ask questions through

Thank you,

Mary-Louise Byrne and Kim Morouney
PTF Co-Chairs