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October 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Volunteer Positions

Congress 2012 will bring more than 7,500 delegates from across Canada to Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. The host universities are looking for volunteers to help with the successful execution of this exciting conference and to help welcome these delegates to the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

Congress 2012 involves thousands of academic sessions, special events and receptions. Below are descriptions of the volunteer opportunities available from May 26 to Jun 2, 2012. Each position is an excellent opportunity to gain volunteer experience and meet people. Training will be provided.

Campus Ambassadors
The Campus Ambassador Team will focus primarily on the delegate experience. They will be responsible for making Congress delegates feel welcome at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. Campus Ambassadors will have the opportunity to work alongside students, staff, faculty, and community members. They will act in a front-line capacity for delegate questions and concerns during the conference. Ambassadors will also take on roles to help facilitate any way-finding, parking and accessibility needs that may arise. When you arrive for your volunteer shift you will be assigned a specific zone to cover on campus. It is your responsibility to move around this zone, greet delegates and answer any questions that they have.

Audio-Visual & Information Technology Monitors
For those interested in assisting with the more technical aspect of Congress 2012, the Audio-Visual & Information Technology Monitor team may be for you! This specialized volunteer group will work closely with staff members at the host universities to equip delegates and presenters with dedicated media and technology support. This team will work before, during, and after each session. Monitors will be stationed in university buildings on either campus and will be partnered with Building Monitor to provide a seamless presentation experience for all delegates.

Building Monitors
The Building Monitor Team is responsible for being present at the central desks in the buildings on both campuses, working alongside Building Monitors hired by the CFHSS. They will focus on answering questions about meeting locations and assisting delegates in navigating the buildings they are located in.  Building Monitors should be familiar with the buildings prior to their shift to locate restrooms, stairways and elevators in order to appropriately direct delegates. 

Airport Ambassadors
If youíre interested in volunteering for Congress 2012 but hope to take your volunteer experience off the main campuses, the Airport Ambassadors program is your opportunity to get involved! Located at Pearson International, Region of Waterloo and Hamilton airports, the Airport Ambassador team will work alongside Waterloo regional transportation and tourism partners to welcome delegates as they arrive at the airports. The team will also work to ensure that each delegate is able to find appropriate transportation to K-W.

Uptown Waterloo Ambassadors & Downtown Kitchener Ambassadors
In partnership with the City of Waterloo, the City of Kitchener and the independent Business Improvement Area offices, the Uptown/Downtown Ambassador teams are the perfect opportunity for community members to interact with Congress delegates and welcome them to Kitchener-Waterloo. This specialized team will operate primarily out of the uptown and downtown cores to assist visiting delegates in their search for good food, local attractions, and helping delegates navigate the Uptown and Downtown cores, and providing brochures and information about regional tourism. In your role, you will be supported by a team leader and a team of about five other ambassadors to help you help others.

Special Event Attendants
In addition to the regular sessions, Congress 2012 will play host to many special events put on by the host universities and the various associations. The Special Event Attendant team will focus their efforts on assisting the host universities with these special events. Some of the events include presidentís receptions at the host universities, an evening festival held in Uptown Waterloo for delegates and community members, and other high-profile events taking place on campus and in the community.

Special Event Volunteers Ė Uptown Waterloo
Special event volunteers will be helping the planning committee in the ConnecTent located in Uptown Waterloo.  Volunteers will play a key role in directing delegates and community members to the event venue and parking locations.  Volunteers will assist in collecting and selling event tickets and will welcome attendees and assist with traffic flow.  Volunteers may assist with the entertainment logistics and will be responsible for ensuring a safe, clean and welcoming environment for the attendees.

Special Event Volunteer Ė Presidentís Reception
Special event volunteers assisting with the Presidentís receptions will be responsible for helping the planning committee at the designated event location.  Volunteers will play a key role in directing delegates to the event venue and assisting with traffic flow.  Volunteers will be responsible for collecting and selling event/bar tickets.  Volunteers will be responsible for ensuring a safe, clean and welcoming environment for the attendees.

Residence Support
As a Residence Support Volunteer, you will be responsible for ensuring that delegates who are staying on campus have an excellent experience from the moment they arrive until they check out. You will be helping delegates check into residence, find their designated room and get settled comfortably with everything that they need. Residence Support volunteers are essential to the success of the conference as they ensure that each delegate feels safe and comfortable throughout the duration of their stay. As a Residence Support volunteer, it is important to have a good understanding of the residence buildings and their locations on campus in order to enhance the delegate experience. The residences that will be in use are mainly on the WLU campus, with the exception of one building on the UW campus. If you are interested in supporting the delegate experience in a very essential way, this position is for you.

If you are interested in volunteering for Congress 2012, please apply to volunteer. We look forward to seeing you at Congress 2012!

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