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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Past Events (Waterloo) 2011-2012

Below is a list of upcoming events on campus, and in the city of Waterloo. We encourage those interested to attend an event, and take part in some of these great opportunities!

Session 4: Workplace Organization and Health

We are pleased to announce Workplace Organization and Health sessions being held on April 10, 2012.  These sessions bring together experts to generate awareness and encourage a greater understanding of workplace conflict, bullying and the importance of  achieving work-life balance. Administrators, Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students from all campuses are welcome!  Registration is encouraged but not required.

For more detailed information and to register please follow the link below:


Session Three: Feminist Pedagogy Workshop

Wednesday, March 28 4:30-5:30pm (location DAWB 2-101)

Do you teach courses related to gender & feminism?  Are you interested in incorporating more discussions of gender and/or feminism into courses where it hasn't been included before?  Have you experienced resistance to feminist analyses in your classroom?  These are some of the range of issues this workshop will explore.

REBECCA GODDERIS (Women's Colleague, Brantford) and HELEN RAMIREZ (Women and Gender Studies, Waterloo) will lead a discussion. Join us to discuss strategies & techniques for teaching gender and feminism in the university classroom and share your ideas.  Everyone welcome!

Session Two: CAS and Academe

When: Monday, January 30 from 4-5pm

Location: DAWB 2-101
The workshop will explore issues related to the particular challenges CAS faculty confront as they try to build and maintain programs of research and teaching profiles in an increasingly competitive job market and a system of shrinking professional resources. The panel will include Juliette Merritt, Cindy McMann, and Chris Klassen who will share some of their experiences and thoughts–the good, the bad, and the hopeful–on research, publishing, and teaching initiatives.
While this is organized as part of the Women’s Faculty Colleague events, it is relevant to all CAS and Full-time faculty, so I encourage the mailing list to share news of the event more broadly with their departments. Given the increasing focus on collaborative and indisciplinary projects, centres, and funding resources (in research and teaching initiatives), I hope we can begin to think about ways in which  full-time faculty and CAS could engage in more mutually supportive professional activities.

Session One: Women in Science

Moderator and Speakers: Shohini Ghose, Kathie Cameron, Debbie Chaves, Angele Hamel, Eileen Wood
Wed, October 26
4-5:30 pm in BA112

(Refreshments will served...please let me know if you have any special requests)

(Many of you have other events/commitments. We will aim for the main part of the session to run from 4-5pm, starting with very brief presentations and then open discussion I booked the room until 5:30pm so those who would like to can stay and chat.)

Hope to see you there! Maria DiCenzo