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September 26, 2017
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Roles and Responsibilities

The position of Women’s Faculty Colleague (WFC) was created in 2000 on the recommendation of the Joint University/Association Employment Equity Advisory Committee (JUAEEAC), with the agreement of the University and WLUFA. In 2011, the University and WLUFA agreed to an additional Women’s Faculty Colleague so there would be one in Waterloo and one in Brantford.  These positions are filled following nominations from and election by the WLUFA Women’s Caucus; WLUFA then recommends a candidate to the University, and the University makes the appointment. Each WFC receives one one-term course remission for a year of service.

1. Provide support and information to all faculty on issues affecting women faculty (e.g. pregnancy/maternity leaves, reasonable course assignments, available support around harassment/discrimination, etc.)

2. Acts as a resource person to women faculty to advise and assist on concerns about equity issues.

3.  Initiates activities within the University to promote discussion and understanding of issues affecting women faculty.

4. Organizes at least one event per academic year to disseminate information about women’s issues, and for female faculty to discuss these issues in a supportive environment.

5. When requested, attends orientation for new faculty.

6. When requested, gives advice on the development of equity-related materials.

7. When requested, attends JUAEEAC meetings.

8.  May attend conferences such as CAUT Status of Women. Such participation will be supported by the University, as approved in advance in the WFC budget.

9. Presents an annual budget to the University President within 60 days of appointment.

10. Reports jointly to the University and WLUFA.  Submits a written report of activities by June 30 to the President of the University and the President of WLUFA. This report is shared with the Joint Liaison Committee.