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October 18, 2017
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Joel Weadge


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Current Courses

BI396R - Special Topics in Biology: Microbial Cell Structure and Function (Fall 2014)

Course Description: Knowledge of microbial cell composition is important to understanding many of the sub-disciplines of microbiology; including virology, immunology, medical microbiology and microbial ecology. In this course, the synthesis and arrangement of specialized cellular structures will be explored and related to the role of these structures in fundamental microbial processes and survival of microbes under a wide variety of conditions. Special emphasis will be placed on demonstrating the role of prokaryotic structures in evolutionary adaptation, disease establishment and their potential as targets for the development of antibiotics and/or therapeutics.

BI441 - Recombinant DNA Technology (Winter 2015)

Course Description: A lecture and laboratory course on the theory and practical aspects of molecular biotechnology. Topics may include plasmid DNA and its isolation from E. coli, use of restriction endonucleases, PCR, gene cloning, manipulation of gene expression and recombinant protein expression in bacteria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Courses Taught Previously

BI276 - Life on Earth: Microbes (Winter 2012, Fall 2012, Fall 2013)

Course Description: An introduction to fundamental concepts in microbiology involved in the study of archaea, bacteria, and viruses. Course material will include prokaryotic cell structure, metabolism, microbial genetics, phylogeny, and physiological diversity. Concepts important to the many applications of microbiology will also be introduced, such as biofilm development, microbial control and bioprocessing.

BI396R - Special Topics in Biology: Microbial Cell Structure and Function (Fall 2013)

BI441 - Recombinant DNA Technology (Winter 2012, 2013, 2014)

BI670 - Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology (Winter 2012, 2013)

Course Description: This course investigates recent advances in molecular approaches to the study of prokaryotic and specialized eukaryotic cells. An organismal perspective is enhanced through detailed examination of molecular processes. Specifically, cellular composition and output related to biochemical, biophysical and bioprocessing aspects are discussed. Areas of focus may include genetic organization, protein structure and function, and byproduct formation. Throughout the course, students are exposed to modern and emerging techniques used in the integration and understanding of these processes.