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Frequently Asked Questions

T2202A and T4A, what's the difference?

The T2202A is the Tuition & Education Amounts Certificate and the information on the form is used for reporting to Revenue Canada for Income Tax Purposes.

Wilfrid Laurier University will issue a T2202A certificate if:

  • The student was enrolled during the calendar year (January to December) in a qualifying educational program;
  • The University received payment(s) applicable to eligible tuition fees for academic session(s) in the calendar year.

The T4A is the form for the Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income and the amount on the form is used for reporting to Revenue Canada for Income Tax purposes.

The University will issue a T4A slip if the student received other income in the calendar year (January to December) in the form of any of the following:

  • Scholarship, bursary, or fellowship payments;
  • The value of any tuition waiver for dependent children and/or a spouse

Please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Guidelines for instructions on using this form.

Where can I get my T2202A?

T2202A tuition tax receipts are available for viewing and printing through your LORIS account only.

These receipts are NOT mailed out.

Where is my "official" T2202A?

When choosing the T2202A tax form under Student Services, the radio button is always defaulted to "View Data".  If you choose this option, the data available for viewing is your unofficial information.  

To acquire your official T2202A, you will need to ensure that you change your radio button to 'Printable T2202A form'.  This will produce a copy of your official tuition receipt accompanied by the Canada Revenue Agency logo on the uppermost left-hand corner of the page.  This form, once printed, will be sufficient for submitting should it be requested.

Where is my T4A?

If you received a scholarship, bursary or award in the 2011 academic year, you can expect to receive a T4A from the University.

T4As are generated as hard copies mid-February and mailed to all students' home addresses listed on LORIS.

If you have misplaced your T4A or require a duplicate copy, you may request one with the Business Office ( or 519-884-0710 ext. 3725) at a charge of $11.00 for each duplicate copy you required.  Please remember to include your Student ID #, the tax year and your contact infromation.

Can I access my T2202A if there's a HOLD on my account?

A HOLD on your LORIS account will not prevent you from accessing your current or past year's T2202A tax receipt.

T2202A tax receipts are available under Student Services -> Tax Forms.  From the pull-down menu, you will be able to choose all available tuition tax receipts throughout your years here at Laurier from as early as 2002.

If you require a T2202A prior to 2002, please contact the Business Office directly at  or (519) 884-0710 ext. 3725 and leave your student ID #, the tax year you are requesting and your contact information.  Please note that there is a charge of $11.00 for any duplicate tax receipt requests.

Can I claim my residence costs?

Residence fees cannot be claimed as rent for income tax purposes.

Under the Income Tax Act, universities are exempt from paying municipal property taxes. The Ontario Income Tax Act stipulates that all students living in designated University (tax-exempted) student residences are limited to an Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit claim based on an occupancy cost of $25.00 for the time they resided in the student residence.

Therefore the amount that can be claimed for income tax purposes is $25.00 and not the full amount of residence fees paid.  For more information and to view the list of designated student residences, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Finance website and review the How Much Will I Receive section. The Designated Studentsí Residences list can be found in the Publications section (at the bottom of the page).

***For all students in residence, if you were not provided a tax receipt for residence costs, please DO NOT claim full residence amounts without first consulting with a professional tax preparer/accountant.***

For any further questions or concerns about the OEPTC or residence claims, please consult with a processional tax preparer/accountant.  University personnel are not at liberty to advise on tax return preparation.

Do I need to print my T2202A?

You are not required to submit printed confirmation of these amounts with your income tax return unless specifically requested by the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information on processing your income tax return, refer to the Canada Revenue Agency Student Guidelines

Can you help me with my tax return?

Unfortunately, Wilfrid Laurier University personnel are not available or at liberty to provide tax preparation advice. 

For further information regarding tax return preparation, please consult the Student and Income Tax Guide provided by Canada Revenue Agency or consult a professional tax preparer/accountant.

I'm not a student anymore, where can I get my T2202A?

All students, both current and past continue to have access to their LORIS accounts for tax purposes.

You can access your T2202A tax receipts from as early as 2002 to the current tax year.

If you have forgotten your LORIS PIN, please fill out the LORIS PIN reset request form HERE.

I lost my tax receipt, can I get another copy?

T2202A tuition tax receipts from as early as 2002 to the current tax year are available on your LORIS account.

You may print off multiple copies of your tax receipts, however, please note that after you have printed off your FIRST tax receipt for any year, all subsequent re-prints will be marked as DUPLICATE.

Printing off your T2202A tax receipts from LORIS is available to you free of charge, however, if you are requiring the Business Office to provide you with a duplicate T2202A tax receipt (or a T4A) prior to the year 2002 or a duplicate of any years available on LORIS, there is a charge of $11.00 per duplicate receipt.

Other tax receipts?

If you are expecting a T4 from the university for employment income, please contact the Payroll department at or (519) 884-0710 ext. 6115 (students) or ext. 6865 (staff/faculty)

If you are requiring a Quebec tax receipt, please contact Sharon Leaman directly at or (519) 884-0710 ext. 6317


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