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February 20, 2017
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Deregistration Information

Deregistration information

What is deregistration?

Deregistration is the removal from registered courses from current and/or future terms for students who fail to settle their account in full by the deregistration deadline date.

Fall 2014 Deregistration Deadline Date: October 30th, 2014.
Accounts not settled by this date are at risk of deregistration.

Other deregistration implications include:

  1. Late payment and deregistration penalties
  2. Access to important technology may be revoked
  3. You will be required to withdraw from residence if deregistered from the current term
  4. Course instructors will be notified regarding your deregistration
  5. Course work will not be accepted/graded
  6. Ineligible to write exams or receive final grades
  7. You will lose your place in courses that become full

Are there costs associated with being deregistered?

Students who are deregistered for non-payment of fees may be assessed:

  1. A non-refundable deregistration fee (refer to the fees section for current fees)
  2. If you are withdrawn from the current term a withdrawal penalty equal to 55% of the tuition fees you were charged (see applicable tuition fee schedule)
  3. Full incidental/miscellaneous fees 

Please note that being deregistered does not mean that there will no longer be fees owing on your account.  If you are deregistered, please ensure that you use LORIS to view your remaining balances. 

    Overdue balances will be referred to a third party collections agency.

What if I'm still waiting for OSAP?

If you are anticipating eligible OSAP funding to assist with term fees (this excludes any Ontario Provincial Grants: OTG/OAG), you will not be deregistered if you meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Log onto LORIS account and check OSAP on "View my Aid/Funding" under Student Awards & Financial Aid tab to ensure that all documentation expected have been completed and submitted in order to release funding
  2. Amount of eligible OSAP funding must cover all of the current fees owing for this term
  3. You have indicated a redirect of OSAP funds to the school on your application

It is the student's responsibility to review the types of funding to be released through OSAP each term to ensure that there will be sufficient funds available to pay all outstanding fees.  To check these values, students must log into their online OSAP account and review the information under the "funding summary" tab.

Student Awards will not redirect funds to the university if balance of fees owing is less than $100.  Students will be expected to make these payments either in person at any Service Laurier location or via electronic payment through your financial institution.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your OSAP funding or how to access funding information, please contact Student Awards ( directly or check the information provided on their website:

    NOTE: Due to the expected high volume during this busy time, the return of voicemail and E-Mail responses may be longer than     expected, therefore, it is advisable to contact the Business Office immediately if you are at risk of deregistration.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Under special circumstances, it may be possible for a financial arrangement to be made with the Business Office. Please contact the Business Office immediately to discuss payment options/financial arrangements at or ext. 3725.

   NOTE: During this busy time, the volume of contact received is high and usually increases closer to the due date.  As such, the return of voicemail and E-Mail responses may be longer than expected

Where can I pay?

Payments can be made in person at any Service Laurier location (Waterloo: 202 Regina St., 2nd floor, or Brantford: Grand River Hall, 2nd floor) using cash, debit or cheque in order to clear the student account balance.

Payments can also be made by online or telephone banking through most major financial institutions using the Student ID # as the account number.  Please note that it is the students' responsibility to be aware of the payment processing times to ensure that payment is received PRIOR to the deregistration deadline date of Oct 30th, 2014.  Most major financial institutions indicate a 2 - 3 day processing time.  Please check with your bank so you are aware of how long it may take for your payment to be received. 

Please note that electronic or telephone bank payments made ON the due date may not be received or reflected on the student account in time to avoid deregistration.

In order to avoid deregistration, payments must be made in full.  Partial payments can be accepted, however it will not prevent deregistration if the account is not paid in full by the deregistration due date.

Deregistered! Can I get back in?!

Students who were deregistered from a future term will have the opportunity to re-register for courses lost by completing the following: 

  1. Full payment is made by certified mean
    (Cash, debit or certified cheque) at any Service Laurier location to clear account and remove hold
  2. Use LORIS to re-register for all courses for the term

    Note: The University cannot guarantee re-entry into any courses lost if the course(s) are full or no longer available

Students who were deregistered from the current term will have the opportunity to petition for re-entry into the term in which they were deregistered from provided the following is completed:

  1. Full payment is made by certified means
    (Cash, debit or certified cheque). 

    Please note that full payment is not the balance that is currently reflected on your LORIS account.  As a deregistered student, the balance that is now reflected on your account is the penalty charged to you after you have been deregistered and therefore does not include full tuition fees.

    In order to begin the re-registration process, full payment must include the balance that is currently on your account + the tuition that was removed + late registration fee (see fee listed)

    If you are unsure of the full amount you need to pay in order to begin the re-registration process or if you have made your payment via online/telephone banking, please contact Service Laurier directly at or ext. 2800 (Waterloo) or ext. 5885 (Brantford).
  2. Submit re-registration petition

    Upon receipt of full payment to the account (including tuition that was removed and late registration fee), an official receipt and confirmation of payment letter will be issued to you by the Business Office.  This receipt and confirmation of payment letter must accompany your re-registration petition submission.

    Petitions to re-register must be submitted to the Dean's Office of your program:

    Faculty of Arts: Dean of Arts Office, Dr. Alvin Woods Building 5-106
    Brantford: Research and Academic Centre (RCE132), East Wing
    School of Business & Economics: SBE 1250, Contact: Lee Leeman (SBE1256)
    Faculty of Science: Dean of Science Office, Science Building

    Please note that your petition approval comes from the Dean's Office of your particular program and you will receive notification from them directly.

As particular steps must be completed prior to, re-registration into a term you have been deregistered from does not happen automatically after payment has been made. 

If you have made payment to your account after you have been deregistered, please ensure that you contact Service Laurier directly to confirm your account is up-to-date and to be provided with a confirmation of payment letter in order to begin your petition to re-register.

It is important to note that petitioning to re-register back into courses, and actually getting re-registered back into those courses once a petition is approved, is a lengthy process involving multiple departments.  Making full payment after the deregistration due date may give you the opportunity to petition to request re-entry, however, petition approval is not always guaranteed.

    Please also note that if your petition to re-register is approved, you will only be re-registered in the current term. You are responsible for re-registering in all future terms through LORIS. Please note some courses  may be full and therefore no longer available.