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October 26, 2016
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Resources for Academic Units

Preparing for Cyclical Review

Cyclical Review Schedule
The review schedule for all academic programs at Laurier. 

Cyclical Review Time Lines
Timelines for the current year's (2016-2017) cyclical reviews.

Suggested Breakdown of Work for Self-Studies
A resource with suggestions for how to divide up the work and tasks associated with the self-study.

Program Review Handbook
A complete guide to the cyclical review process at Laurier. It provides detailed instructions about completing the Self-Study template and all other required steps in the cyclical review process.


This .zip archive contains all necessary cyclical review templates: Volume I: The Self-Study; Volume II: Curriculum Vitae; Course Syllabi Volume; Program Review Handbook.

Any questions with regards to the self-study template or the data required for its completion can be directed to the Quality Assurance Office.

Post-Site Visit Templates

Unit Response Template
Once the site visit has concluded and the external review committee has submitted their report, this template is for the unit to prepare their response.

Final Assessment Report Template
After the external reviewers' report and the unit response are received, the Final Assessment Report template is completed.

Guiding Documents

Policy 2.1: Cyclical Review of Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Programs
This policy outlines the process for the cyclical review of programs at Laurier.

Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations
This document outlines the provincially established Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs) for undergraduate programs.

Graduate Degree Level Expectations
This document outlines the provincially established Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs) for graduate programs.

Laurier's Strategic Academic Plan
The Academic Plan identifies Laurier's core principles and academic domains.

Laurier's Values, Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles
This document can be useful in articulating the goals of the University.

Entertainment Expense Guidelines for Academic Reviews
This document outlines the maximum expenses for which departments will be reimbursed during the external review process.

Ontario's Quality Assurance Framework
The Quality Assurance Framework is the guiding document for university quality assurance processes in Ontario.

Ontario Qualifications Framework
This document outlines the expectations for each degree level in Ontario.