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October 18, 2017
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Information about the Retirees Room (R139)

Information and Regulation Sheet

Since September 2011, WLURA Executive meetings and our monthly Retirees Association Members meetings are being held in Room R139, a student/staff/faculty lounge.

On the last Friday of every month (except June, July, August & December), the facility is reserved for Retirees Association meetings at 1:30 p.m., to which we welcome you, and encourage you to attend.

R139 is located on the main floor of the 202 Regina Building, approximately in the centre of the building. From any entrance, walk along the hallway towards the centre of the building, and turn into the connecting hallway.

If you don't have a parking permit, there are metered spaces and some limited street parking available.

The outside building doors are locked after regular office hours. You can leave the building after hours, but would have to make arrangements to enter.

There is a filing cabinet available for your use in the storage room across from R139 if you (a) indicate ownership with a sign or label, and (b) clear out all your stored items once a year (at the end of each academic year, June 30th, or as arranged with the facility coordinator).
Your key will give you access to the storage room; when you plan to no longer use the facility, please return your key to 81 Lodge St.

Since the room is open to the WLU public at all times, there are no telephones or computers available.

The facility coordinator, appointed by the Members of the Retirees Association, is authorized to set further use regulations, to reserve the facility for meetings, and to arbitrate any disputes (subject to appeal to the Executive and ultimately to the Vice President: Academic). The names of the Association President and the Facility Coordinator are on the list of Executive Members.