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December 8, 2016
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Tips for Upcoming Retirees

Staff, Library, or Faculty

If you have a yearly parking permit, ask Payroll to send you the form Authorization To Cease Payroll Deduction, Full-time Faculty and Staff Permits. Various short-term permits are described on the Parking web site, and available from there or the Business Office.

In order to ensure that you will continue to receive mail that has normally been sent to you at your WLU address, you should send a change-of-address to all of your correspondents.  The university is not obligated to handle mail indefinitely after retirement.

You can ask your property insurer if you'll be eligible for a retiree or senior discount, and your car insurer about a reduced premium for not driving to work.

Within a month before retirement, you must make consequential decisions on your pension and RRSP accumulations. Human Resources answers basic questions individually and may offer group information sessions, but you might also seek advice from a qualified outside professional (For many, a basic decision is whether to leave the pension where it is, managed by WLU, or to withdraw it and self-manage it. Get objective, professional, likely paid-for advice, because no-charge advisors might recommend withdrawing the funds hoping you'll turn the management over to them.).

On your retirement day you'll lose your office and phone extn, but can get free alternatives. For a "virtual vmail" phone extn (accessible from home), contact Carl Langford, who will list you in the phone directory as a retiree. And you may retain your email account.

If you can "demonstrate sustained contributions in teaching, research or administration during [at least ten years of service to WLU] ...," you can apply for the Emeritus designation within six months after retirement. Complete details are on the page Professor Emeritus Status for Retired Faculty from the office of the Academic VP.  There is also information about "Professor Emeritus Status" posted on the Laurier website.

If you have a personal research grant funded by your stipend for administrative service or overload teaching, spend it within one year after retirement (or lose it).

If you have books/journals/documents that may benefit the library, the Collections Manager can determine if they qualify for donation acceptance and a tax receipt.

You maintain the same entitlement to use the athletic complex and the library as before.

Be of good cheer; our experience is that of all of life's transitions, retirement is the easiest—once you get past emptying your office!

We look forward to your joining us, on the last Friday of the month (except around holiday times), in R271, 3:00 to 5:00-ish, to hear an interesting speaker and to maintain our collegiality.
Membership in the Association is free (you'll get a basic newsletter), but we ask for a nominal contribution to cover some of our operational expenses: $90 for life, $25 for three years, or $10 for one year.

Those who contribute receive other newsletters and an invitation to the WLU President's seasonal dinner for retirees.