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April 23, 2017
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Jabber Installation and Connection Instructions

Jabber is a desktop client that allows you to connect with other Jabber clients and end points to create video conference sessions. This personal desktop video conferencing software is simple to install and use by following the step-by-step instructions below.

The address book (directory) and recent call lists make easy to connect to anyone anywhere at anytime.

This tool will work both internally and externally to WLU's network. 

 1. Download the install file and copy to your desktop.

Download the Jabber client for PC's here:


Download the Jabber client for MAC's here.

Double Click
the icon to begin installation.

You may receive a page asking you to verify that you want to run this executable file. Click "Run" or "Next" to begin.


3. Accept the license agreement and then click "Next".


 4. Click "Next".


 5. Click "Install".


 6. You will see the progress of the installation. Please be patient while the installation completes, this could take a minute or two.


 7. Once the installation completes click the "Finish" button and the program will launch.

 8. The main Jabber screen will appear. Please click the "Advanced" button in order to configure the connection settings. NOTE: If the main screen does not appear, use the Start menu to find and start the Jabber program.

9. Click on the highlighted tool area "Open menu" then click on "Sign-in Settings". sdf_sd.png

10. In the Sign-In section, enter the following information:

Internal Server: WLUVCSC.WLU.CA

External Server: WLUVCSE.WLU.CA

SIP Domain: WLU.CA

Click "OK". You will only need to follow these steps the first time that you use the Jabber program. The settings will be saved for your further use.


11. Enter your username and password as follows:

Username: (your email address)

Password: (your Outlook Account password)

12. Once logged in you can search any user by typing their first name in the search feild. 

If the person you are searching does not appear when you search under their name they do not have an active account set up. 

13. You can change your status by clicking on your name on the top right and selecting the status you wish to display. You can also sign out and exit the program this way.

NOTE: Clicking the "X" in the top right of the display will not exit the program; it will just minimize it to your tray. To fully exit Jabber click your name and click "Exit."