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December 4, 2016
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Accessible Transit @ Laurier - Waterloo

Accessible Buses

Low-floor buses make up 85% of the GRT fleet. These buses are marked with a wheelchair symbol on the front and sides. They do not have stairs. The operator can lower the front of the bus, causing it to "kneel" so passengers find it easier to board. A ramp located at the front of low-floor buses also allows passengers with wheelchairs and other mobility devices to board on a gentle incline. 

For more information about accessibility and GRT, including details about terminals, boarding announcements, and stops please visit their website.


MobilityPLUS is a specialized service of pre-booked trips for people with a mobility challenge. People registered with MobilityPLUS can book a ride anywhere within the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge city limits.

People seeking to use this program must meet the eligibility requirements and become a registered member of MobilityPLUS.

If you register with MobilityPLUS and you are a registered full-time undergraduate or graduate student you may use your Laurier OneCard to obtain this service.

You may be eligible for the MobilityPLUS program if you meet any one of the  following criteria:

  • Physically unable to climb or descend steps on conventional public transportation 
  • Unable to walk a distance of 175 metres (575 feet)
  • Suffer from a temporary disability, such as a broken leg
  • Registered with CNIB
To book regularly scheduled trips (for work or school) you may book Subscription Trips; due to high demand, these trips must be booked 28 days in advance.

Personal trips must be booked 7 days in advance.

For more information about these services please visit the MobilityPLUS Service website.


Grand River Transit offers TaxiSCRIP: for $30 you can purchase $60 worth of cab fare. To obtain TaxiSCRIP coupons you must be a registered MobilityPLUS user with a MobilityPLUS identification card.

TaxiSCRIP coupons can be purchased by phone (519-585-7555) or at a central terminal location and may be used with any taxi companiesí accessible cab service.

To book an accessible trip with a taxi, please provide as much notice as possible.