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December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence



(Head Coach) Dr. Mark Eys

Mark Eys (Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Kinesiology/Physical Education and Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Group Dynamics and Physical Activity. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo and his Masterís and Ph.D from The University of Western Ontario. From 2004-2009, he was a faculty member in the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University. His current research interests include role ambiguity and acceptance in sport and exercise groups, the measurement and correlates of cohesion, and social influences in exercise. Markís research related to cohesion in youth physical activity groups was supported by a three year standard research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2005-2008) and continues with support through Ontarioís Ministry of Research and Innovation Early Researcher Award program (2007-2012). He has published his research in the Journal of Sports Sciences, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, and Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, as a co-author of the book Group Dynamics in Sport (2005; Fitness Information Technology), and as a co-editor of Group Dynamics in Exercise and Sport Psychology: Contemporary Themes (2007; Routledge). In 2001, he was awarded the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Coach of the Year for his work with The University of Western Ontario womenís soccer program.


Current Players 


Alex Benson (4th Year Phd)

Alex is a third year PhD student in the Social Psychology Program.  He also completed his Master's of Science in Physical Education and Kinesiology, for which he received the Gold Medal for the faculty of science.  His dissertation is funded by a 3 year SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship as well as a Sport Participation Research Initiative supplement and is focused on the issues surrounding the effective integration of newcomer athletes into sport teams.  This past spring he traveled to Bangor University to work with Dr. James Hardy on a SSHRC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement to study followership.



Mark Surya (4th Year PhD)

Mark is a third year PhD student hailing from the town of Burlington, Ontario. He received a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from Queen's University and completed his Master's of Science here at Wilfrid Laurier University. Mark's research interests are in the multi-dimensionality of satisfaction as it relates to roles. He is currently investigating athletes' perceptions of role satisfaction, and is in the process of developing a measurement tool/questionnaire. Mark has also worked with Dr. Jean Cote's Performance Lab for the Advancement of Youth in Sport. He has examined the influence of birthplace on the development of elite level athletes. Outside of academia, Mark enjoys playing a multitude of sports. In his spare time Mark enjoys playing board games with his friends and family, despite losing regularly, and spending time with his family dog Marvin.



Michael Godfrey (2nd year Master of Science)

Michael is a first year Master of Science student in the department of Kinesiology and Physical Education. Originally from the small town of Wallacetown, Ontario, Michael completed his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor where his undergraduate thesis focused on the home advantage in overtime in NBA basketball. Michael's current research interest include role acceptance and ethnic identity and sport. In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing basketball, camping and spending time with family and friends.



Jeemin Kim (1st Year PhD)

Jeemin is a first year Ph.D. student in the Kinesiology program. Originally from the peaceful town of Oakville, Ontario, he earned a Bachelorís degree in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University, and went on to complete his Masterís degree in Sport Psychology at McGill University with Dr. Gordon Bloom. His current research interests are in the dynamics of role developments in sport teams. More specifically, his dissertation will mainly examine the antecedents and consequences of informal roles in interdependent sport teams. Outside academia, he has been a die-hard baseball/Blue Jays fan for over a decade (NOT since 2015) and likes to watch, talk about, think about, and read about baseball/Blue Jays. He also likes to play badminton and softball, and relax with family and friends.


Brennan Petersen (1st Year Master of Kinesiology)

Brennan is a first year Master of Kinesiology student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Manitoba, wherein his thesis focused on the effects of study time and teaching method on participant performance in Discrete-Trials Teaching. Brennan also worked with Dr. Melanie Gregg at the University of Winnipeg on a study with a focus on athlete's reactions to stress and the effects of biofeedback training. His current research interests involve the consequences of role conflict as they relate to formal and informal sport team roles. In his spare time, Brennan is an avid hockey fan and enjoys being with family and friends.


Blair Evans

Blair explored group dynamics within individual sports teams as his dissertation, and completed his PhD in Psychology in 2014, for which he received the Gold Medal for the Faculty of Science.  He is currently an assistant professor at Penn State University. 

Amy Cubitt

Amy completed her Master's thesis in the summer of 2015. Her research involved youth competitive athletes and investigated athlete leadersí use of transformational behaviours and its effect on trust in the leader. 

Pavol Siska (4th Year PhD) 

Pavol was a visiting research from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.  He is a 4th year PhD student and has since gone back to finish his thesis under the supervision of professor Pavel Slepicka. 

Colin McLaren 

Colin completed his Master's of Science in 2013 and is currently a PhD student at Saskatchewan.

Robyn Murray 

Robyn completed her Master of Science in 2013 and is now pursuing a career in physiotherapy.

Eryn Jewitt

Eryn completed her Master of Science in 2011 and is currently an Exercise Specialist for the Canadian Armed Forces in Comox, BC.

Svenja Wolf

Svenja was a visiting researcher from the German Sport University Cologne, where she earned her Academic Diploma in Sport Science in 2009 and has been enrolled in the PhD program, supervised by Dr. Jens Kleinert since fall 2009.

Undergraduate Alumni


Ariella D'Agostino

Suzanne Boroumand


Bree Chaput

Noah Little 


Ross Murray