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December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Participants from the 2014 Indigenous Journey

The Indigenous Journey

The Indigenous Journey was a three day bus trip  to Laurentian University in Sudbury and Nipissing University in North Bay. These universities have strong integrated aboriginal and interdisciplinary programs, cultural facilities, supportive aboriginal services and particular recruitment and retention practices. Laurier Brantford, a neighbor of Six Nations (SN) and Mississaugas of the New Credit (MNC), is interested in learning from these universities, and applying best practices to current Aboriginal initiatives.

The journey's goals were to review and understand the specific cultural, educational, research and recruitment practices in these universities; collaborate and explore potential partnerships with SN and MNC; and use this experience to strengthen our communities and better shape the educational, intellectual, and research identity of Laurier, and specifically the Brantford campus.

The goal is a reconciliation journey where aboriginal and non-aboriginal people get to know each other's unique strengths and discover opportunities to work together. To this end there will were a mixture of attendees from Six Nations of the Grand River, MNC Education Office, faculty, administrators and staff from all Laurier campuses.

This Journey assists Laurier in continuing our development of meaningful understanding of Aboriginal history and education, advancing our culture of inclusivity, initiating collaborative activities with our Aboriginal community, and supporting and enhancing culturally appropriate services for students and Aboriginal faculty and staff. The Brantford campus Strategic Plan includes the specific goal to deepen relationships with Aboriginal people and communities.

The journey consolidates and strengthens relationships by bringing together participants from Six Nations of the Grand River, Mississaugas of the New Credit, Wilfrid Laurier University educators and administrators with interests in:

  • Social, cultural, & spiritual support for students
  • Academic Programming/Curriculum Renewal/Research
  • Aboriginal Facilities/Space
  • Admissions
  • Non-traditional student access
  • Recruitment & Retention

    There are 3500 aboriginals between 15 and 24 years residing on Six Nations and many more living in Brantford and other urban areas. This journey provides an extraordinary opportunity for Wilfrid Laurier University to consider how to make our campus an academic and culturally supportive destination.

    For more information about the Indigenous Journey, please contact Janice Vilaca, in the Office of the Senior Executive at or 519.756.8228 ext. 5881.