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October 28, 2016
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Course Syllabi Resources

Here are some resources for designing a course syllabus:

  • Course Syllabus Template (Full PDF)
    To help you prepare your course syllabus, we have designed a template with proposed section headings, content considerations, required policy statements, and important reminders (e.g., calendar regulations). The PDF version of the documents also includes research-based design considerations related to the audience, purpose, and design of your syllabus. Consider these elements as you create your syllabus.

  • Course Syllabus Template (Microsoft Word)
    This document is provided as a template for your design consideration when crafting your own syllabus. This document includes the latest information and policies from the 2015-2016 academic year.

  • Mobile Devices in the Classroom: Sample Syllabus Statements
    The sample statements provided offer a starting point for developing your own syllabus statement that aligns with Policy9.3 on Classroom Use of Electronic Devices.

  • The Handbook on Undergraduate Course Management
    The handbook has been created to assist faculty by being a central point of access for academic policies, practices, and regulations that exist outside of this document, including university policies, Senate resolutions, the WLUFA Collective Agreements, and the undergraduate academic calendar.