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July 26, 2017
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Midsemester Feedback

Collecting Mid-semester Feedback

Collecting student feedback can provide you with valuable input and insight to assess your teaching and your studentsí learning. To assist you in this endeavour, Educational Development offers a number of services and resources.


1. Design a Feedback Form

Upon request, we are available to meet with you to design a feedback tool that meets your specific needs and teaching and learning goals. 

2. Administer Feedback Tool and Summarize Data

Upon request, we are available to administer your questionnaire and summarize the data. 

3. Evaluation Review Consultation

Upon request, we are available to meet with you to review and interpret feedback results (mid-semester tools or the university end-of-term evaluation) and develop a plan of action (e.g., refine presentations skills, revise assessment options, evolve teaching approach). 

4. Teaching Behaviours Inventory (TBI)

The TBI is a 60-item tool that collects feedback from students on your teaching. The 60 items are grouped under one of nine categories - clarity, expression, interaction, organization, pacing, disclosure, speech, rapport, and teaching aids. The tool was developed by Dr. Harry Murray, professor emeritus, at the University of Western Ontario.

More Information on the Teaching Behaviours Inventory (TBI)

Contact the Educational Development Program & Event Co-ordinator at ext. 3507 or by email at if you are interested in developing and/or collecting mid-semester feedback in your classroom.