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August 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Communities of Practice


The Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE) supports a variety of communities of practice (CoPs) at Laurier. These CoPs form and take shape in response to the interests and needs expressed by faculty and instructional staff. Often they are faculty led and evolve from Centre sponsored events or initiatives where there is a desire to continue the conversation. Duration of a given CoP varies, reflecting the rhythms of the semester and the met needs of the group. 

Laurier CoPs provide a forum for educators from multiple disciplines and academic support units to come together and share scholarly initiatives, best practices, lessons learned, instructional concerns, and student experiences (and more). The format can range from the formal to informal (e.g., discussion and presentation based; project based; reading group) with broad and/or structured goals and objectives. 

CoPs offer a space to create community, and deepen ones knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning in higher education. 

Members of the Laurier community are invited to take part in any of the active CoPs supported by CTIE. For more information or to inquire about (re)initiating a CoP, contact the Program and Events Coordinator at

Active CoPs

 SCAFFOLD (Student-Centred, Active, Flexible, Face-to-Face and Online Learning Discussions)

SCAFFOLD gathered in May for the last time until September 2016. It ended on a great note, with members discussing the integration of gaming elements and fun in the teaching environment. If you would like to be added to the MyLS group to access resources and meeting minutes for SCAFFOLD, please contact the Program and Events Coordinator

 Community Service-Learning

Both active CoPs are supported on MyLS, with resources, notes and discussions are shared with members.  

Past CoPs 

If there is a topic or area of focus you would like to explore with other faculty and instructional staff colleagues, and would be interested in initiating or being part of a community of practice at your campus, email or call x3507 to explore options and supports available.