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July 27, 2017
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Classroom Observation

Classroom observation is a great way to experience your classroom through someone else's eyes, to encourage reflective practices, to identify teaching strengths and target areas of improvement. We offer confidential teaching observation to any member of the Laurier community in an instructional role.


Our Educational Development staff members are available to provide one-on-one and group consultations on a wide range of issues including course design, curriculum development, instructional strategies, active learning, teaching dossiers, student feedback and more.

Customized Workshops and Retreats

As departments and committees strive to meet internally and externally driven mandates, it may be useful to bring in an outside consultant to facilitate a specific meeting, conduct a workshop, serve as a resource, or attend or facilitate a departmental retreat.

Midsemester Feedback

Collecting student feedback can provide you with valuable input and insight to assess your teaching and your studentsí learning. To assist you in this endeavour, we offer a number of services and resources.