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October 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence



Songide’ewin: Aboriginal Narratives emerged out of a collective interest to create arts-based civic dialogue across Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities about historical and contemporary issues that impact Aboriginal education today. The art exhibit is a collaboration between Elder Rene Meshake, Ojibwe artist, storyteller, and musician, Dr. Kristiina Montero Faculty of Education assistant professor, WLU teacher education candidates, and students from the Native Arts and Culture program at Sir John A. MacDonald Secondary School (Hamilton, Ontario). Through visual and literary art, individuals explored Aboriginal teachings and worldviews through symbols, stories, colours, and cadence. The products reflect the artists’ true, uncensored selves—their deepest spirits and souls.


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to hear more about the exhibit at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Rene Meshake, Ojibway Elder, artist, musician, story-teller

Dr. Kristiina Montero, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Wilfrid Laurier University

Dylan Rivers, Student at Sir John A MacDonald, Hamilton