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October 27, 2016
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Application Information

This section of the website will give you information about how to apply, application deadlines and next steps! Look here to gain a step-by-step understanding of the application process and how to access the Aboriginal Admissions Policy.

Applying to University

Two great resources are offered through OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) are video tutorials for applying. For both 101 and 105 applicants. If you aren't sure which category you are in, here's the scoop:

101 Applicants - all current Ontario high school students. The video tutorial can be found here.

105 Applicants - everyone else. The video tutorial can be found here.

Simple enough, right?!

Applying to the Aboriginal Admissions Policy

This section is only applicable if you have self-identified on your OUAC Application as an Aboriginal student. If your application falls within this category we will be in touch. However, if you would like to send her the information regardless to support your application please feel free to do so. Any additional documentation can be submitted to your application to Laurier.

What additional information is required?

The additional information can come in form of a: resume, reference letter, cover letter, CV or a personal statement.

The personal statement is required and can come in essay format. What needs to be outlined is any leadership, extra-curricular, employment experience that gives us a picture of what else you bring to Laurier, besides your grades. With Laurier's emphasis on the entire student we know that there are a lot of skills you have to offer that your marks do not show so this is a way to do that. Basically, we'd like you to brag about yourself! Maybe you help your Grama pick berries every weekend, or you have a part-time job, or are the star of your school's basketball team!

Tell us about all the wonderful things you do outside the classroom. If the additional information is received, upon review you can still gain admission to Laurier if your marks fall within 5% of the program cut-off. So what do you have to lose?! Send it in!

Transfer Students

Check out this helpful guide to get you started! Learn how to transfer your credits in Ontario's postsecondary system. Click here.